Will Your Transfer Credits Be Accepted?

In many ways, higher education is like writing your own Adventure book. While some people enter college right out of high school, others embark on the path after starting a family, starting at a two year college, entering the workforce, serving in the military, volunteer, or globetrotting. The truth is that there is no right time or right way to further your education. If you’ve already begun your post-secondary education and are looking to transfer colleges, it’s important to choose a school that understands life’s twists and turns, and genuinely wants to give you credit for the hard work you’ve done so far.

The Typical Transfer Credits Acceptance Process

It’s fair to say that the transfer process at most schools can seem quite intimidating. Along with a transfer application form, most schools require you to submit essays and an application fee just to begin the process. Many also require letters of recommendation from one or more prior instructors and a detailed course syllabus for each course’s credit you wish to transfer.

Once you’ve assembled all of this paperwork, your application is dispersed for review and may take months for a response. Your past coursework, writing ability, extracurricular activities, and recommendations will all be considered. Many schools have stringent grade requirements, and will not transfer any credits for a course in which you earned less than a B-. Other schools will transfer credits, but not count those credits towards your degree program. So after all the hard work of applying, you may end up with 60 or fewer credits.  When you consider that non-transferring credits translate into additional courses you will need to complete, you’ll quickly realize why understanding a school’s transfer credit acceptance policy is key when assessing transfer colleges.

The CCE Transfer Process

We want to set our students up for success by acknowledging the hard work they’ve done so far. That’s why we have partnered with community colleges across the country to make the transfer process fast and easy.  CCE @ Assumption, we accept up to 75 transfer credits from an accredited college or university to apply towards their bachelor’s degree. For those transfer students who are looking to complete an associate’s degree, we accept up to 45 transfer credits. While we always evaluate transfer credits on a case by case basis, our only requirement you received a grade of C- or better in a course you are looking to transfer.

CCE @ Assumption’s degree programs also have a large elective pool for elective credits. Students transferring into CCE realize that most likely all of their credits are accepted into their degree. This not only provides flexibility for transfer of credits but also allows students the freedom to choose the courses that interest them.

Where to Begin

The first step toward transferring your credits to CCE @ Assumption is a free personal credit evaluation. Simply submit an unofficial or official transcript and our admissions representative will submit a detailed response within three business days (72 hours).

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Obtain your unofficial transcript. (You can typically download it from your school’s online student portal.  We accept PDF, text file, scan, or even a legible photo of your transcript.)
  2. Fill out our Personalized Transfer Evaluation form.
  3. Receive your personalized transfer evaluation within 72 hours!

It’s that simple! With our personalized transfer evaluation, you can stop wondering if your credits will transfer, or worrying that you won’t get credit for your hard work. Submit your free evaluation today!


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