Why Work in Digital Marketing? 7 Reasons to Get Started

why work in digital marketing

Has the time come to make new career moves? Are you looking to get into an interesting, flexible career (and get paid well for it)? If the time has come to start something new, consider a career in digital marketing. This career field is growing rapidly, and now is the best time to get started. Why work in digital marketing?

What is digital marketing?

First of all, what does digital marketing mean? The world has gone digital, and companies have had to adapt their marketing and sales tactics to fit in. Digital marketers are experts in modern marketing, and they employ a variety of techniques to get their companies found on the internet, including tactics such as:

  • Blogging
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Many, many more

And digital marketing is continuing to grow – rapidly. In fact, according to Forrester, US companies will spend nearly $120 billion on digital marketing by 2021.

Why work in digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a great career path for many different reasons. Why should you become a digital marketer?

Supply and Demand. It’s no secret that the future is digital, but did you know there aren’t enough digital professionals to fill the positions predicted to open up in the next few years? The demand for digital marketers is going through the roof, which means there will be plenty of jobs to choose from.

Your choice of industry. Every industry needs to market, which means there will be a wide range of digital marketing positions to choose from. Maybe you have an interest in marketing for a company in a particular industry, or maybe you’d like to work for a digital marketing agency and work with many different companies. The choice is yours.

A different kind of knowledge. Books and reading can only get you so far. In a career that is all about adaptability, the people who thrive are those with street smarts. Much of digital marketing requires getting involved in conversations on social media. It means staying in the know and up-to-date; the best digital marketers know what people are talking about and are part of the conversation.

Never Stop Learning. The internet is always changing, and so is digital marketing. Not only will you expand upon the digital skills you already have, but as digital trends change so will your job. You’ll be learning new skills throughout your career – and you’ll often find yourself doing something different every day!

Create, Create, Create. Much of digital marketing revolves around creating content, including blogs, articles, and even social media posts. As such, this is a career where creative people thrive. A career in digital marketing will allow you to exercise your creative skills to produce content you can be proud of.

A future-proof career. No one wants to become obsolete. Luckily, digital marketing isn’t going away anytime soon. As long as people have problems, they’ll be going to the internet to learn how to solve them. Digital marketers will always be in demand, so the skills you learn now will never be outdated.

High Pay Rate. As the demand for digital marketers increases, so does the salary. If you’re looking for a job where you’ll be rewarded financially for all of your hard work, this is it. A digital marketer’s salary ranges from $40,789 – $96,525 annually, depending on experience.

Begin your digital marketing career

Is digital marketing the right career for you? Then it’s time to get started. The path begins by earning a digital marketing certificate. Want to learn more? Get your free guide to a career in digital marketing.

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