What Jobs Can I Get With a Degree in Degree in Social Sciences?

Degree in Social Sciences

One of the primary advantages of entering the social sciences field is the sheer number of options it gives graduates. The degree in Social Sciences provides a foundationalknowledge upon which students can launch careers in many different fields.

Those with a background in the social sciences can go into a host of professions that deal with both individual and group behavior. The overall goal in all of them is to improve services offered to patients, and to helpthose who are going through a challenging time get the support they need.

Why Earn Your Degree in Social Science?

Earning a bachelor’s degree in social science provides the foundation for all these careers. You can find social science graduates in the criminal justice system, politics, and ata neighborhood community center.

Careers in the Social Sciences

Many in the social sciences are there because they have a calling to help others. Some also earn a degree as a stepping stone for graduate level work and, eventually, taking a teaching position.

To offer an idea of fields available for those who earn a social science degree,the following are three of the popularconcentrations offered in the social sciences by Assumption College.


Those who move into the field of psychology work with individuals, families, and groups on behavioral issues and the psychology underpinning them. They observe cognitive, emotional and social processes, all with the aim of helping patientsimprove them.

Students can choose to take classes in psychology-related areas such as abnormalpsychology, group psychology, the psychology of aging, and social psychology.


Sociologists are experts in the behavior of groups, cultures, social institutions, or any type of process where people work with each other. They work in a wide range of locations, from community centers that deal with large groups to the workplace where they help employers develop policies that improve life at work for employees.

Students can choose from such courses as world population issues, social problems, raceand ethnic issues, aging in society, and the family in society.

Criminal Justice

Many of those who work in criminal justice get their start earning a four-year degree in social sciences. Many will work with victims of crimes or in the prison system with convicted criminals looking to make a change in their lives.

Students can choose to take courses on juvenile delinquency, violent crime, white collar crime, and cybercrime, among many others.

Social Science Education

Each college is different in how it approaches the social sciences degree program. The approach at Assumption College in all its Continuing and Career Education courses is to have students take a cluster of liberal arts classes.  

These include classes in ethics, history, foreign languages, literature, mathematics, natural science, philosophy, theology, and writing. The faculty also helps guide social science majors through creating their ownmulti-disciplinary directed study.

Students then can pick from the above concentrations. Or, they may wish to earn a general studies social science degree, with includes coursework inanthropology, geography, and politics.

With the growing demand in many of these fields for expert-level workers, it’s a valuable time to consider a Degree in Social Sciences. For many, it’s also fulfills their desire to have acareer that focuses on serving the needs of others.