What is Healthcare Project Management & Is It Right for You?

what is healthcare project management

Editor’s Note: CCE Assumption College offers a project management certification program that can be applied to the healthcare field. The program we offer is designed to provide students with the skills they need to enter into the field of project management, and not specifically into healthcare. 

Are you looking for a career where you can help people? Are you organized, reliable, and driven? Healthcare project management could be the change you’re looking for. This field offers a unique opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives while putting your organizational skills to good use. So what is healthcare project management, and is it the right career path for you?

What is Healthcare Project Management?

Project managers are responsible for developing a plan for a project and seeing it through to completion. They are leaders and organizers who are able to adapt to any situation. Having a project manager oversee a project ensures that it is done quickly, without wasted time or money. There are many different types of project managers. Healthcare is a widely varied field, which means that project managers in this sector have a lot of different responsibilities. Skills that are necessary in the field may include:

  • Flexibility – project managers are responsible for a wide variety of projects in the healthcare field. As such, they need to be willing and able to learn about many different aspects of healthcare. They will also be expected to adapt and change a project if the needs of the organization change.
  • Leadership and communication – of course, a project manager cannot do all of their work alone. People in this position have to organize colleagues to ensure everyone understands what is expected and has the tools and abilities needed to get the job done.
  • Organization and planning – bringing a project to completion is not always a simple task. It involves a lot of steps and a lot of planning. A project manager should have the foresight to know what will be necessary throughout the process and to make sure it gets done.

What Does a Healthcare Project Manager Do?

A project manager is responsible for ensuring projects are done in a timely fashion and done right. There are several stages in this process, which the project manager oversees. Although the specific steps may vary, project management for healthcare typically consists of:

  • Conception and Initiation – this is when the idea for a project is presented. Can it reasonably be done? Will it benefit the organization?
  • Planning – in this stage, a plan is created for the project. This will include the steps that need to be taken, deadlines, and budget.
  • Execution – the project team will begin acquiring resources and working on tasks to complete the project.
  • Project close – at this stage, the project is complete and the team will take some time to reflect upon the process.

Throughout these steps, a project manager is coordinating the project team to ensure that the tasks stay on budget and on time. The manager will need to pay close attention to the project and make adjustments along the way to ensure that the project stays on track.

Benefits of a Career in Healthcare Project Management

Healthcare project management is an emerging field, but it is in high demand, which makes it a great career to switch into. The healthcare industry continues to grow, which means there are openings in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and even in health insurance companies. The field will allow you to use your management skills and help people at the same time, and the average healthcare project manager makes about $78,000 per year.

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