Surprising Facts About a Career in Accounting

Friday, September 18, 2015
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If you are unfamiliar with the accounting profession, you may think that it’s a dry, boring job that is done in a secluded cubicle far away from the action of the office. The truth is that today’s accountants are major players in any successful business, and there are a host of career paths outside the office to accommodate all personalities. Here are four things you may not have known about a career in accounting.

1. Accounting Across Time

The first Uniform CPA Exam was administered in 1917. There were previous versions of the test that were used to gain membership in the American Institute of CPAs, but the new exam was the first to offer a license to those who passed. In those days, an accountant might expect to earn $2,500 per year. Today, the average salary is about $60,000, with experienced or niche CPAs earning greater than six figures.

2. Beyond Bean Counters

Although the term “bean counter” didn’t make it into common conversation until the 1970s, many speculate that the term stems from the ancient Greek method of choosing public officials. By the 1980s, “bean counter” had taken on a definitively negative tone and was used to make fun of those charged with keeping a close tally of the money.

On the other hand, the field of accounting has grown far beyond its origins of counting money. Today, you can choose to enter the exciting field of forensic accounting and deconstruct white collar crime, join the healthcare revolution by making sense of the numbers as a health finance specialist, or become one of the 2,000 special accounting agents employed by the FBI.

3. Famous Accountants

Too many people think that accounting is for nerds who choose to play with calculators instead of socializing. Did you know that well-loved comedian Bob Newhart worked as an accountant in Chicago before heading to Hollywood? Kenny G was a top accounting graduate from the University of Washington before he became a professional musician. Famous crime novelist John Grisham got his first degree in Accounting before changing gears and pursuing a law career.

4. A Dedicated Holiday

International Accounting Day is celebrated on November 10th as this was the day that the first book summarizing the double-entry method of bookkeeping was published in Venice in 1494. Companies around the world celebrate the men and women who keep their businesses growing strong and individuals rejoice that they don’t have to keep up with the taxman as long as they have an accountant by their side.

Compelling Options for Everyone

Accounting is a robust and varied field that offers something for everyone. From crime fighters to small business advocates, accountants are anything but boring. If you’re thinking about a career in accounting, get your start at CCE @ Assumption. Our certificate and bachelor’s programs will help you get started in this exciting career.

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