Should You Go Back to School?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016
back to school

When you were young, going back to school was probably one of the most exciting times of your year. You’d march down the halls with a brand new backpack, fresh notebooks, and shiny new sneakers. As an adult, going back to school can feel scary. Whether you’ve started college and never finished, or never went to college at all, the decision to continue your education can be intimidating. Not sure if you should take the plunge? In our experience, it’s worth going back to school if any of the following circumstances applies to you.

You’re seriously unhappy at work and know that your current level of education and experience won’t land you a better job.

Unfortunately, a high school diploma/GED cannot get you the same type of career it once could in the United States. Getting a college degree has become the baseline norm for Americans. We understand that going back to school involves huge lifestyle, personal, and financial sacrifices, even if you’re going part time. But the skills and knowledge you’ll receive from a program will benefit you until the day you retire.

You have a dream career that requires a degree/certification you don’t have.

In today’s day, very few people work for the same company for the duration of their careers. Forget about switching companies, more and more people are switching their entire careers! It’s never too late to change your mind and begin a new career. Did you know that the average person actually changes careers 5 to 7 times over their lifetime? Before you set off on the path to your dream career, keep in mind that there may be prerequisites to getting you there. Many employers like candidates to have some formal knowledge of the field, which may mean going back to school to earn a degree or certification. If you’re considering reentering the classroom, know that you can get college credit for previous work experience, even if it doesn’t directly relate to your new career path.

You want a promotion and/or to progress in your career, but know it cannot be done without a degree/certificate.

Knowledge is power and can open a lot of doors for you. Having a formal education in your field of work is very beneficial, especially when salary is involved. On average, men and women who have college degrees earn 64.5% more than their counterparts who only have a high school diploma. Are you torn between earning an Associate’s degree and Bachelor’s degree? Bachelor degree holders earn 40% more than those who hold an Associate’s degree. If you already have a degree, a certificate program may be the way to go. A certificate will help you attain specialized subject matter knowledge, prepare you for certification exams such as the CPA and PMP, and give you the expertise to get you the promotion you deserve.

You want to expand your own knowledge in your industry, and feel a degree, certificate, or even some classes can help achieve this.

If your thirst for knowledge surpasses a simple Google search about your industry, consider going back to school to take classes on the topic. You’ll be surrounded by a community that’s interested in the same topics as you and also have access to that college’s alumni network.

Yes, embarking on the journey to pursue your dreams is scary, but it’s well worth it. Class registration for Summer and Fall classes is quickly approaching, so don’t forget to reserve your spot!

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