5 Advantages of a PMP Certification Program

pmp certification program

Are you considering a career in project management? Or, are you already working in the management field and want to boost your career? A PMP certification program is the best way to begin a career in project management, and the certification itself can pose many benefits to your career.

What is Project Management?

Project management is a booming career field. Project managers are responsible for the ideation, planning, and execution of projects: they manage them from start to finish to ensure they stay on time and on budget. There are many types of project managers because many different industries have projects that call for someone to lead them. Of course, depending on your industry, the definition of a “project” may vary. You might be managing construction sites or purchasing hospital equipment. But no matter your industry, project managers share a few vital traits: they must be flexible, have strong leadership skills, and be great organizers.

Advantages of a PMP Certification Program

Does project management sound like the right path for you? The PMP certification requirements include experience in the field and 35 hours or more of project management education, as well as an application and exam process. While it is possible to work on and even manage projects without a PMP certification, earning the certification comes with many added benefits. Some advantages of going through a PMP certification program include:

  • Increase in salary. Are you looking for a good reason to ask your boss for a raise? The average starting salary of a PMP certified project manager is $90,000 a year. The addition of this education and certification can help you reach that next tier in pay you’ve been eyeing.
  • Benefits to your company. If your company is already managing projects, it pays (literally) to have someone on your team with a PMP certification. Your company will be justified in charging more money to carry out projects.
  • Better job opportunities. If you’re looking for a new job (or to move up in your current company), a PMP certification shows that you have specialized knowledge and skills. Often, companies have positions that are only open to people with a PMP certification, which means going through the process will open new doors!
  • Opportunities across industries. Because so many industries require project managers, a PMP certification makes you valuable in many different fields. You’ll be able to look for careers in various industries with one certification.
  • Challenges. Are you tired of getting the “easy” projects at work? Getting a PMP certification demonstrates your commitment to project management and shows that you are ready to accept more challenging projects. It will make every day at work more interesting.

Earning Your PMP Certificate Online

Going back to school as an adult isn’t easy, but online certificate programs make it easier. We know that project managers are driven individuals who are dedicated to their work – so why should they have to take time off to complete a certification program? An online certification program allows you to take classes without taking time away from responsibilities at work or home. You can take classes on your time and your schedule. Often, online degrees can be completed faster than in person, and you don’t have to deal with the commute!

A PMP certificate program is the first step to earning your PMP certification. CCE at Assumption’s certificate program will help you prepare for your project management certification so you can kick off your project management career. Open enrollment for spring 2018 is open until December 16th, so enroll now to begin your path to a career in project management.