How Online Classes Help You Earn a Degree Faster

We’re proud to announce that CCE at Assumption is embracing technology to help more students continue their education and advance in their careers. Online classes have come a long way over the past few years, allowing for an equally amazing experience as traditional classrooms. Are you trying to earn your degree as fast as possible? Here’s how online classes can help you earn your degree faster.

Work at your own pace

Depending on the professor, you may have complete independence of your schedule. Some instructors may upload all assignments for the semester onto the portal, allowing you to accomplish the work in one fell swoop instead of many installments. For example, you could spend a snowy Saturday afternoon taking online quizzes for your class instead of trying to tackle them after work during the week.

Enjoy more flexibility

Achieving work-life balance is difficult, especially when you’re trying to earn a degree. Online classes allow students to plan studying around their other commitments, instead of planning their days around classes. Students may even have the opportunity to take more classes at once because they don’t have to worry about classes having conflicting schedules.

You can concentrate harder

Everyone learns differently, and some students have found that they perform better when taking online classes than in-person ones. Being able to choose your study environment is helpful to many students. Perhaps you thrive working in the chatter of your local coffee shop. Or maybe you’d rather throw on your pajamas and work on your couch. You can do that with online classes.

You also may get more out of a class online if you’re shy. Researchers founds that shyer students had a higher participation rate in online classes versus being physically in a classroom. Having stronger focus in class can help you perform better and earn your degree faster.

Save time by eliminating your commute

According to, the average American spends 42 hours annually in traffic jams. Keep in mind that’s total time stuck in traffic, not even your entire commute. Imagine how much free time you would have if you didn’t have to worry about racing from your job to your night class. Not having to worry about punctuality or finding parking is also a benefit of taking classes online.

Take advantage of distance learning

What makes a college unique? The courses and degree programs it offers. Not every higher education institution in your area will offer a degree program you’re interested in or transfer your credits. Online classes take distance out of the equation, making your commute as simple as the click of a button. This allows students to take advantage of CCE’s most popular online programs, even if they aren’t local to the area.

Online education is more affordable

Some colleges offer online classes at a discount, while others cost the same as an in-person class. Regardless of tuition prices, online classes let you save money in the long term. You don’t have to worry about commuting costs. Not to mention that many online classes don’t require textbooks. Many professors email PDFs for students to read instead of asking you to buy pricey textbooks. Lower education costs means a lot less stress for your wallet.

What programs does CCE offer online?

CCE at Assumption offers a wide variety of online and blended learning experiences for our students. Some of our most popular online degree and certificate programs include:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Business Administration
  • Humanities
  • Aging Services
  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Social Sciences

Are you interested in learning more about the online classes we offer? Request more information today.

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