IT Project Management, Unveiled

While most people have heard of IT and Project Management, many do not know that the field of IT Project Management actually exists. This emerging line of work has positions available in many industries. Let’s take a look at who is hiring IT Project Managers and what skills are necessary to break into the field.

Who’s Hiring?

IT Project Managers are needed in a wide array of industries. Aerospace and defense companies are loading up on these professionals to assist with the development of new technologies and travel into outer space. The commercial aircraft sector is also hiring these professionals thanks to the increased demand for global travel. The demand for IT Project Managers is so great that the average salary for a Boston area IT Project Manager is over $102,000.

While it might seem obvious, it is worth pointing out that tech companies are boosting their spending and require a constant supply of IT Project Managers. Boston is a major technology hub in the United States. Boston tech employers have boosted hiring in recent years. currently lists over 6,000 IT Project Manager positions within 100 miles of Boston. Companies such as EMC, Raytheon, and IBM are all currently hiring IT Project Managers. Even the healthcare sector is hiring IT Project Managers. Healthcare companies are in the midst of a massive transition to electronic medical records that requires the tech prowess and management skills of IT Project Managers.

IT Project Management Skills and Qualifications

There is no doubt that the competition for salaried jobs is intense. Those who combine an IT background with Project Management experience have a leg up on the competition. Employers are quite enthusiastic about candidates who have a Project Management Professional credential. This credential is attractive to hiring managers within the healthcare industry, especially those who seek out talent for hospitals.

While an IT background sets the foundation for a stable tech-intensive career, those who take the extra step by obtaining experience in another field such as engineering or manufacturing will be the most coveted. Developing your skills within one of these niches would serve to separate you from the competition. Even if you can’t obtain work experience in such a niche, you can engage in relevant projects in one of these fields to differentiate yourself from the pack.

Experience in virtualization and sustainability is critically important in this sector. While candidates with an IT background will have this specialized knowledge, those attempting to make the transition from Project Management to IT Project Management must sharpen their technical skills. They must prove their willingness to learn the nuances of the IT field by staying abreast of the industry’s trends and/or obtaining an IT certification.

Certificate in Project Management

Those who are interested in IT Project Management can take the first step towards their new careers by obtaining a Certificate in Project Management. CCE at Assumption College offers a comprehensive Certificate in Project Management curriculum that will prepare students for successful careers in IT Project Management. Interested parties can learn more by visiting our website.

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