How to Get Digital Marketing Experience: 4 Tips To Use

how to get digital marketing experience

Are you looking to break into digital marketing? When applying for digital marketing jobs, experience in the field is vital, but what do you do if you don’t have any experience? Are you trapped in the loop of needing experience to get experience? Learn how to get digital marketing experience with these tips!

How to Get Digital Marketing Experience

The good news is that digital marketing is always changing. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been a digital marketer for years, there are always new challenges to face and new tactics to learn. No matter what, experience is key; if you’re new to digital marketing, start here.

Read, Read, Read

While you aren’t technically gaining experience by reading, it is the best way to stay up-to-date on the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. You don’t want to be left behind when things change. Subscribe to digital marketing blogs, connect with digital marketers on LinkedIn to read their insights, and keep up with industry-leading books. Spend time every day reading industry news so you can adapt your digital marketing strategies.

Use Free Tools

There are countless digital marketing tools out there, and many of them are free to use. Knowing how to use digital marketing tools can be essential to your career, so make use of them!

  • Try a social media scheduling tool, like Buffer or Hootsuite, to schedule your social media posts so that they’ll always go out on time, whether or not you’re online.
  • Explore Canva, a graphic design website which allows you to quickly and easily create designs. There are dozens of free templates you can edit and turn into your own creation! Experiment with different sizes for different placements, such as blog headers, Facebook ads, business cards, and infographics.
  • Dive into Google Analytics, which allows you to analyze multiple sources of data all in one place. Some companies find data to be extremely important to how they shape their marketing strategies. It wouldn’t hurt to check out Google Analytics’ blog for more news and trends.
  • Check out HubSpot Academy, filled with informative videos and other tools to learn about different areas of marketing and tactics, such as email marketing, buyer personas, and more.

There are hundreds of tools out there, so find the ones that suit your needs and give you the experience you’re looking for. If one doesn’t seem to accommodate you, try searching for an alternative!

Use Your Knowledge

This can be tricky, because it’s often difficult to find someone who will hire you without concrete experience. If you can’t find someone to work for, put your skills to the test with a project of your own. Create a website on WordPress or a public page on Facebook and put your marketing skills to use. Not only will this help you get some practice in, but it pays to be able to show a potential employer that you know what you’re doing – and you’ve been doing it successfully.

Digital Marketing Certification

The best way to gain real marketing experience is by earning your online certificate in digital marketing. When you enroll in a digital marketing certificate program, you’ll earn experience in many different areas of digital marketing, such as marketing foundations, analytics, and content marketing. Formalized education goes a long way on your resume, and when you study at CCE Assumption you’ll be prepared for real-world situations and gain relevant experience.

Looking for more advice for kicking off your digital marketing career? To learn more about this career path, including job market information and education requirements, download your free guide to a career in digital marketing.

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