What are the CPA Exam Requirements in Massachusetts?

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

cpa exam requirements

Becoming a CPA can be extremely worthwhile, both financially and from a quality of life perspective. Passing the CPA exam, however, requires dedication and a major investment of time. So what is required to sit for the CPA exam?

1. Education

The minimum degree required to apply for the CPA exam is a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. You must have completed at least 120 semester hours, or 180 quarter hours, of college credits at a nationally or regionally accredited institution in order to sit for the CPA exam.

If you already have your Bachelor’s degree and you pass all four parts of the exam with 120 semester hours under your belt, you have three years to meet the 150-credit hour requirement. Otherwise, you’ll have to retake the exam. The post-secondary education of 30 more hours, which can be completed in about a year, typically equates to a Master’s degree. Many students go on to complete their Master’s in a related field, such as Business Administration.

Specific Credits

Before taking the exam, make sure you have your business and accounting credits in order. You’ll need:

  • 9 business credits including courses in business law, finance, and information systems
  • 21 accounting credits including courses in financial accounting, auditing, management accounting, and taxation

By completing these courses and diligently studying, exam questions shouldn’t come as any surprise. You’ll be armed with the correct knowledge that help you become a successful CPA.

Residency and Age

While the minimum age requirement might be a no-brainer, you must be at least 18 years old to sit for the CPA exam. If you don’t have U.S. Citizenship yet, don’t worry – it’s not mandatory in Massachusetts. You are also not required to be a resident, be employed, or have an office in Massachusetts.

Ready to get started on the path of becoming a CPA? A Bachelor’s in Accounting from CCE at Assumption can help you meet the requirements to sit for the CPA exam in Massachusetts.

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