Theology Classes

THE100E The Bible
An introduction to the Bible. Both the Old and the New Testaments are approached from their historical and theological perspectives.

THE201E Problem of God
The mystery and the problem of God examined in the light of representative resources of the Christian tradition. The nature of faith, the relationship of faith and reason, and the challenges to faith in the modern world are discussed.

THE202E Moral Theology
An exploration of the religious dimensions of human values and moral choices. The course focuses on the moral teaching of the Bible and the Christian tradition and discusses how that teaching might contribute to current debates about issues such as capital punishment, euthanasia and assisted suicide, human sexuality, the responsibilities of economic and political leadership, etc. Though there are lecture units in the course, the format of the class emphasizes student involvement and active class participation.

THE240E Saints, Signs and Symbols
An integral dimension of the Christian experience is the art and architecture that has been connected to worship, prayer, and meditation. This course will introduce the major signs and symbols of liturgical art as they appeared throughout the centuries. This study will include consideration of the following: ancient Hebrew symbols appropriated by the very first Christians; imagery found in the Catacombs; iconography and its magnificent development in the Byzantine period; art of the Middle Ages in Europe; Renaissance, and Baroque periods; and finally contemporary art. Differing from an art survey, this study will look to the spiritual and theological meaning of the signs and symbols as they have been portrayed in Christian faith – God’s creation, Christ and his life, and the saints of the church.

THE256E Religion in America
This class will discuss; religion and politics, as well race, gender and culture. When it comes to the history of the United States of America all of these are undeniably intertwined with each other and to study one means to study another. Also when one studies religion in America the topics of spirituality and theology also cannot be avoided. While these topics can potentially all be volatile we will look at the subject of religion in American with an eye to understanding the roots and reasons behind different religious group as well as the deep influence that religion has had upon the development of the United States, for good and for ill, and how it continues to influence American society, culture and politics to this day.

THE316E Biblical Perspectives on Women

This course is an extended reflection on the role and place of women in the Bible. Its purpose is to bring the student to a greater awareness of the meaningful part that women have in the unfolding of the scriptural story. Writings that introduce various contemporary avenues of interpreting biblical texts, which focus on the feminine presence, are used. Prerequisite: THE100E recommended.

THE320E Introduction to the New Testament
A study of the literary forms, the historical setting, and the theological teaching of the New Testament. Emphasis is on a close reading of the four Gospels, the Acts of the Apostles, selected Letters of Paul, and the Revelation to John. Particular attention is given to the Old Testament roots of the New Testament.

THE321E Matthew, Mark, and Luke
A study of the life and ministry of Jesus in light of recent developments in Synoptic Studies, with special attention to the theological perspectives of Matthew, Mark, and Luke as reflected in their varying presentations of the Good News. (Formerly “The Synoptic Gospels”)
THE334E Sacraments
The nature of religious symbolism and the sacraments. A study of the tradition of the Church’s worship in the liturgical prayers of the sacraments with special emphasis on the initiation rites of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist.

THE342E Theology of Human Sexuality
This course seeks to clarify what God has revealed about the nature and the purposes of human sexuality. Beginning with a study of Christian moral principles and moving to an examination of biblical teachings on the subject of sexuality, course topics include masturbation, pre-marital sex, homosexuality, and birth control from the perspective of a theology of marriage.