Political Science Classes

POL110E Political Issues for Americans

POL201E American Government

POL312E The American Founding

POL314E The American Presidency

POL207E Peace & War
The development and characteristics of the European state system, the effects of ideological movements and war, the power structure of the contemporary world, the elements of national power, the making and conduct of foreign policy, international organization and law, and the practice of diplomacy are discussed. Included is a survey of U.S. foreign policy since WWII. Major conceptions of world politics are evaluated.

POL323E Political Leadership

This course is intended as an introduction to the study of democratic statesmanship, or political leadership in a democratic political regime. Although the primary emphasis will be on the study of the rhetoric and actions of some leading American presidents, some materials will also be drawn from antiquity and from modern Britain and France.

POL372E American Foreign Policy
A study of the policy of the United States regarding important areas and problems in the contemporary world, and the development of the American involvement in foreign affairs from the Roosevelt-Truman era of World War II to the present time. Emphasis is placed on American Russian relations, problems of the Western Alliance, and policies toward issues of developing countries. Legalist, moralist, realist, and revisionist interpretations of American foreign policy are evaluated.