Paralegal Studies Classes

PLS100E Introduction to Law
This course covers important legal terms and concepts from various areas of the law, including torts, contracts, property, criminal law, corporations, domestic relations, and probate.

PLS200E Legal Research
This course familiarizes the student with the principles of research, types of law books, citations, ambiguity in the law, interpreting case and statutory law, and legal authority. The course includes law library assignments.

PLS201E Litigation
This course familiarizes students with the court system from pre-trial preparation to post-trial responsibilities of the paralegal, including: pleadings, motions, preparation of interrogatories, rules of evidence, equity jurisdiction, service or process on individuals, corporations, and non-residents, and appellate procedure.

PLS202E Corporations
This course covers the formulation and structure of corporations, stockholders’ and directors’ meetings, corporate financing, charter amendments, reorganization and liquidation, and the qualifications of foreign corporations.

PLS203E Estates and Trusts
This course covers descent and distribution, wills (probate and administration), fiduciary accounting, and various types of trusts.

PLS204E Criminal Law and Procedures
This course introduces concepts of criminal responsibility and definition of elements necessary to constitute a crime. It covers search and seizure laws, confessions, interrogations, identifications, pretrial procedures, arraignments, and trial procedures.

PLS205E Family Law
This course covers adoptions, separate support, annulment, divorce, custody, contempt cases, guardianships, and conservatorships. The course material also covers the forms and procedures used in probate courts such as complaints, summons, financial statements, and petitions, and uses case studies that illustrate their use.

PLS206E Real Estate Law
Real estate and property law, purchase and sales agreements, mortgages, leases, easements, deeds, closing, and recording of documents are reviewed in this course. It familiarizes participants with private, public, and subsidized housing, recent statutory and case law developments, and remedies available to enforce landlord-tenant obligations.

PLS207E Legal Writing
This course familiarizes the student with correct legal citation form, statutes, case analysis and interpretation, drafting of pleadings, and composing of legal memoranda. Attention is given to specific research and writing assignments, requiring the student to utilize law library facilities. Prerequisite: PLS200E

PLS211E Mental Health Law
In today’s world of high expectation and heavy stress, mental health is a very fragile commodity. Students discuss the many federal and state laws which affect a human being in various mental conditions. From forced hospitalization to losing control of your assets, we follow the options offered by legal and social agencies. Do the present laws protect the patient and ward or do they protect the state’s rights and the heirs of the mentally impaired? Who makes medical decisions for this group of citizens?

PLS222E Elder Law
As life expectancy increases and the population of America ages, there is a growing focus on the law as it applies to the elderly. This course covers a wide variety of topics, including: transferring assets; wills, trusts, and conservators; guardians, medical treatment, and housing; financing health care; long term care insurance; Medicaid and Medicare; and tax issues.
PLS225E Communication Law
A survey of the structure and principles of U.S. Law as they affect the media, including journalists and other writers and broadcasters, public relations and advertising professionals, writers, artists and holders of intellectual property. The course examines the current state of the law, government regulation of the media, and the public policy considerations that underlie the law.