Mathematics Classes

MAT111E Introductory Mathematics
This is an introductory course that covers logic and sets, real and complex numbers, and elementary algebra. Not open to those who have taken any higher-numbered mathematics course.

MAT114E Elementary Functions
This is a survey of those topics in algebra, trigonometry, and analytic geometry that provide a desirable background for the study of calculus. Topics covered include exponential and logarithmic functions, complex numbers and polynomial functions, trigonometry, and plane analytic geometry. Prerequisite: MAT111E

MAT117E Calculus I
An introductory course in differential and integral calculus. Topics include limits and continuity, the derivative and applications, and an introduction to integration. Prerequisite: MAT114E or equivalent.

MAT118E Calculus II

A continuation of Calculus I. Topics include the definite integral and application, elementary techniques of integration, partial derivatives and first-order differential equations. Prerequisite: MAT117E or equivalent.