Health Care Management Classes

HCM110E Medical Assisting Administration
An introduction to the theory, practice, and techniques of medical office management, professional office coordinator responsibilities, use of office equipment, business correspondence, support staff responsibilities and appointment scheduling. The management function of a medical assistant will be emphasized.

HCM115E Medical Insurance and Billing
This course further develops the skills needed to perform the professional office duties of a medical assistant. Continued emphasis is placed on records management, billing, and computer systems specific to Medical Manager Software. Written communications are expanded and practiced throughout the course. Students will use medical office software to input patient data and to perform billing and other medical administrative functions. Medical insurance, CPT, and ICD-9 coding techniques will also be covered.

HCM125E Medical Terminology
This course will introduce the student to the systems of the body and terminology related to each system. The anatomy of each system, diseases and disorders will be covered. Common medical abbreviations of medications, diagnostic testing, diseases and procedures will be incorporated throughout. Terminology of psychiatric disorders, surgery, administration and classification of medication, oncology/nuclear medicine, and pathology/autopsies will be presented.

HCM200E Health Care Administration
This course examines the important aspects of health care administration and introduces students to topics which constantly challenge health care executives. Topics include management of health care facilities, hospital administration. hospital information systems, hospital and physician reimbursement, managed care, multi-provider systems, integrated health systems, business ventures in health care, quality improvement, materials management, and cost containment. Prerequisite: MG100E

HCM210E Health Care Law
This course covers basic legal theory as it applies to health care. It includes a survey of legal issues from managed care to the legal aspects of the provider-patient relationship. The course begins with a brief background in general law taught in the context of health care and continues with such topics as confidentiality, HIPPA, compliance initiatives, informed consent and peer review. The course considers controversial medical, legal and ethical issues.