Geography Classes

GEO103E Weather and Climate
An introductory examination of our atmosphere with special attention being paid to the study of weather phenomena and their causes. Practical use of meteorological data, climatic controls, weather systems, instrumentation, laboratory applications and some weather-prediction exercises are included. No science background is necessary, only an interest in the field
GEO108E World Population Issues

Lecture and open discussion on population problems throughout the world today. Topics include statistical processes, world food production and standards, medical assistance, world economic issues, Third World Development, issues on aging, adolescent pregnancy, foreign aid options, and the human responses to population pressures, especially in urban centers. (Also listed as SOC108E)

GEO120E Introduction to Global Studies

This course introduces students to several of today’s most pressing global issues and demonstrates how they are interconnected. Topics include: issues of global conflict, security, and peace; weapons proliferation; global economics, including trade and capital flows; development; and the natural environment. Attention is devoted to the debate over globalization and the development of international institutions.

GEO134E Conservation of Natural Resources
A topical study of issues relating to natural resources: their use, abuse, and future potential. U.S. resources are stressed. A partial list of topics dealt with includes the energy crisis, alternative energy supplies, water resources, the Law of the Seas, and effective regional planning. Other issues arise from class projects and discussion.