French Classes

FRE101E French I
This course is for the student with little or no previous knowledge of French who wishes to achieve a sound basis for further work in the language.

FRE102E French II
French II is designed for students with little previous experience in French. It continues the study of basic grammatical structures and reinforces those structures learned in French I. Students wishing to register for French II who have not had French I should discuss the extent of their background with the instructor. Prerequisite: FRE101E

FRE103E French III
For the student who wishes to develop the four language skills of oral comprehension and expression, reading and writing. The student should have had some introduction to the language, although previous knowledge does not have to be extensive (e.g., one or two years of high school French). Prerequisite: FRE102E.

FRE104E French IV
This course is a continuation of French III in the sense that there is a grammar review as needed. In addition, there is further development of reading and writing skills, as well as extensive conversation. French III, or two or three years of high school French, is recommended as a prerequisite. Prerequisite: FRE103E.