English Classes

[/expand] ENG112E Professional and Academic Writing

This course provides practice in writing to inform and persuade and prepares students for successful writing for college and career. Emphasis is on audience, organization, summary, analysis, use of sources, documentation, revision, and mechanics. Several types of essays and a research paper are required. Prerequisite: ENG130E recommended.

ENG113E Learning Skills Seminar

This entry-level course is designed for students who are new to college or who have been away from academia for a considerable length of time. It introduces students to the learning skills necessary for success in their college careers: writing, reading, studying, speaking, thinking, and researching. While students are sharpening these learning skills, they are simultaneously developing confidence in their ability to communicate effectively.

ENG130E English Composition

A writing course emphasizing planning, composing, and revising. Specifically, the course deals with strategies for generating ideas, recognizing audience, clarifying purpose, focusing on a perspective, and choosing effective arrangements of ideas. Techniques of revision, which are central to the course, focus on appropriateness of language and effectiveness of development, as well as on editing.

ENG140E Introduction to Literature

This course is designed to acquaint the student with the form and structure of various genres of literature in English. Class discussion and writing assignments make use of such critical concepts as point of view, imagery, and tone. Prerequisite: ENG130E or ENG112E recommended.

ENG201E Argument & Persuasion

A course in exposition and argument dealing with the development of effective means of persuasion appropriate to specific audiences, the use of different styles of presentation, and the making of choices in language, arrangement, and style. Emphasis is on written argument, with some attention to reading, listening, and speaking.

ENG202E Journalism

This course introduces students to the basics of newspaper writing, editing, and composition through study of reportorial styles, interviews with professional journalists, and most especially, through regular journalism assignments.

ENG204E Effective Business Writing

Simple and direct writing works best in business. This course focuses on improving skills that will result in the ability to write better emails, memos, letters, reports, and resumes.

ENG205E Technical Writing

This course deals with the writing of technical and scientific documents (e.g., reports, specifications, technical and scientific articles, business letters). Attention is given to clarity and correctness of writing, organization and interpretation of information, as well as the mechanics of technical writing.

ENG206E Journal Writing

In this course students write daily, using a variety of formats (description, fantasies, letters, reflection, free association, story-making) to develop their powers of self expression and self awareness. Typical assignments include writing about childhood, daily events, dreams and future plans. Even though students share their observations and insights in class, all journals are kept confidential.

ENG209E Creative Writing

In this course, students study the techniques used by published poets and fiction writers and learn to employ some of these techniques by writing original poetry and fiction. We also learn the critical language for discussing these genres in a more precise and meaningful way, and have ample opportunity to develop our understanding of the formal characteristics of poems and stories by both published and student writers.

ENG226E Major American Writers

A study in some depth of a limited number of major American writers, such as Thoreau, Whitman, and James in the nineteenth century, and O’Neill, Frost and Faulkner in the twentieth.

ENG233E Modern Short Story

A study of the major short story writers including Flannery O’Connor, John Updike, John Cheever, Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

ENG263E Children’s Literature

Beginning with the Tales of Mother Goose, the fairy and the folk tale, this course focuses on the history and the tradition of children’s literature, including works such as Alice in Wonderland, The Wind in the Willows, and Charlotte’s Web. Multicultural works that include Asian, Hispanic, and African-American poetry, drama, historical fiction and stories are discussed.

ENG 308E Writing and Editing

Students will learn a variety of editing techniques through a series of individual and group assignments that will provide opportunities for increased facility with the writing process.

This course considers how a spectrum of films from classic Hollywood cinema to contemporary “female buddy” films and films by women directors reflect/help to shape our perceptions of women and their place in American culture.