Economics Classes

ECO110E Principles of Microeconomics

Introduces fundamental concepts and definitions of economics, quickly reviews basic price determination through supply and demand, then takes a closer look at consumer demand and the output and price-setting decisions of the business firm. Examination of business decisions provides the basis for an evaluation of the efficiency of a market system, separating the theory of competition from the reality of market power. Students address the principles of supply and demand as they apply to the factors of production. Other topics may include income inequality and poverty, the theory of international trade, and economic planning and its problems. Prerequisite: MAT111E

ECO111E Principles of Macroeconomics

Following a descriptive examination of the principal institutions of the American economy, the course is devoted to analysis of the basic theory of aggregate economic activity and the application of the theory to current policy programs. Topics include national income accounting, the determinant of the level of income and employment, money and banking, fiscal and monetary policies, and economic growth and stability. Prerequisite: ECO110E

ECO115E Statistics

The purpose of this course is to develop an understanding on an introductory level of how statistical inferences are made in the face of uncertainty. The underlying role of probability is stressed. A secondary purpose is the application of various test designs to formulated research questions. These designs include: tests, analysis of variance, chi square analysis, and linear regression. Prerequisite: MAT114E

ECO325E Corporate Finance

Following a survey of all major financial markets and institutions, the principles and techniques utilized in the solution of problems encountered in the financial management of business during organization, expansion, and failure are examined. Particular attention is given to the problems of the corporation. Prerequisites: ACC125E, ACC126E, ECO110E, ECO111E, ECO115E