Computer Science Classes

CSC113E Introduction to Computers

This course presents an overview of computers and their application. Students work on both the Mac and PC microcomputers. Topics include word processing and Internet as well as hardware, software, authoring systems, and multimedia. Use of a computer outside of class time is required.

CSC118E Internet

This course allows students to explore the Internet and other online services. Topics include a short history of the Internet and other online services, e-mail, connecting to remote systems, list servers and news feeds, downloading of information, searching techniques, web page creation, and ethics.

CSC180E Electronic Communications and Multimedia

This course explores communicating with computer-based systems. Students develop web sites using Dreamweaver. Two-dimensional and 3-D graphics principles and use are surveyed using drawing programs, Photoshop, and Infini-D. Students explore digital video use for the web as well as studio applications. Content will include underlying characteristics and principles of electronic communication systems. Students will use both Macintosh and Windows systems. Prerequisite: CSC 113E or equivalent

CSC315E E-Commerce

This course is an introduction to the world of electronic commerce with a balanced coverage of technical and business topics. Case studies and business examples are analyzed, using both successful and unsuccessful examples. The course considers ways that EC is affecting the business community, and the problems managers face as they adapt to doing business in cyberspace. Prerequisite: CSC113E