Comparative Literature Classes

CLT217E Vergil’s Aeneid and the Augustan Age

Through a careful reading of Vergil’s epic poem in English, this course explores the many facets of the world of Augustus – its art, politics, religion, myth and philosophy. The course is designed for elementary and secondary teachers of history, literature or Classics who deal with the Augustan Age in their teaching. The goal of the course is to employ a cross-disciplinary approach to this complex and fascinating period. The course requires a careful reading of the Aeneid, some additional reading (principally from Karl Galinsky’s Augustan Culture), and a final project designed to produce classroom lesson plans, assignments and/or enrichment materials for each teacher’s classroom.

CLT253E The Fantastics: Contemporary Spanish-American Literature (in translation)

This course focuses on some of the finest writers the world has to offer. Among them are several Nobel Laureates and some of the most highly respected writers of our time. The course is designed to cover the fantastical world of Latin American writers. The writers are Jorge Luis Borges (Argentina), Gabriel Garcia Marques (Colombia), Pablo Neruda (Chile), Octavio Paz (Mexico), Julio Cortazar (Argentina), Mario Vargas Llosa (Peru), and Isabelle Allende (Chile).

CLT254E Masterpieces in Spanish-American Literature (in translation)

A survey course of Spanish-American literature in translation, starting from the colonial times to the present. Participants are introduced to the major generic and thematic developments in the literature of each period through the reading and analysis of representative selections from major authors and their works.