Communications Classes

COM170E Creative Publishing with InDesign

Learn to create top-notch flyers, posters, ads, brochures, and other publications for business or personal use. Principals of good design are taught using Adobe InDesign to produce high-quality, attractive publications. Emphasis is on learning to include graphics and documents created in other programs like word processing into your publication without having to recreate them.

COM225E Communication Law

A survey of the structure and principles of U.S. Law as they affect the media, including journalists and other writers and broadcasters, public relations and advertising professionals, writers, artists and holders of intellectual property. The course examines the current state of the law, government regulation of the media, and the public policy considerations that underlie the law.

COM256E Special Topics: Communication in the Workplace

This course examines the various ways people communicate verbally on the job: communication networks, group communication, conducting and participating in meetings, networking, interviewing, managing information and formal presentations.

COM313E Communication Issues in Contemporary Organizations

This course examines the nature and function of communication in present-day organizations. After studying various forms of communication (individual and group; formal and informal; verbal, non-verbal and electronic), students will link theory to practice by investigating specific communication practices in their own organizations

COM380E Intercultural Communication

As the global economy shares resources, technology, and communication strategies, the need for understanding the variety of cultures and behaviors is imperative for effective interactions and sound business practices. This course reviews the theories behind organizational communication in relation to the demographic changes in the workforce. Discussions include cultural differences and gender factors that influence communication activities, barriers and problematic issues that challenge successful communication transactions, and cultural views of leadership and the effect on management styles and practices.

COM400E Communications Practicum

This course serves to integrate prior studies in communications and is required of all candidates for the communications certificate program in their final semester. Projects are planned and carried out by students under faculty guidance.