Cost of College: 3 Important Things to Consider When Selecting Your Program

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

cost of college

A common myth about college is that you can’t get a good education without spending a ton of money. While college is a major investment, it doesn’t have to put you in debt for the better part of your adult life. To keep costs low and opportunities high, keep a few different factors in mind when selecting a college.

1. Cost of Attendance

Every school has a different price tag. And there are several factors for determining the cost of each college. Based on which school you attend, the costs for tuition and books may fluctuate every semester. Some schools charge per credit, others per class, and others per semester. Find out the total cost of your program and consider the length of it as well, because this factor plays an important role in how much you would ultimately be spending. Once you figure out the total cost of your program, compare it to other colleges to find the program suited for you.

2. Accreditation

Making sure that your degree of choice comes from an accredited college is important for your future. While non-accredited colleges may cost less money, there are several risks associated with them. Among these risks are limited employment opportunities and difficultly transferring or getting into graduate school. While you’re taking the time to advance your education and find better job opportunities, getting a degree from an accredited school can make your efforts much more worthwhile.

3. Forced Fees

Extra fees can be a huge burden and discourage you from even enrolling in college. Does your school make you live on campus, pay an “activities fee”, require you to get a meal plan, or charge “media fees”? These costs add up so it’s important to be mindful of them. Keep an eye out for schools with online classes and certificate programs. They are often cheaper and allow you to work at least part-time so you can earn while you learn. Schools that have few fees and a ton of flexibility can be your best friend as complete your education.

The payoff for college can be huge, both financially and personally. If you’re ready to continue down the path of education, consider CCE Assumption as an option. While offering a quality private education, CCE’s costs are comparable to a state school. We also endeavor to provide flexibility while offering the courses you’ll need for a successful career.


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