Choosing the Right Degree Program for You

Antionio Machado famously said, “Se hace el camino al andar.” (“The path is made by walking it.”) This adage is especially true when you apply it to higher education. While many people incorrectly believe that you must have a bachelor’s degree in order to be successful, the truth is that you do not necessarily need a degree to be successful, however your success rate increases exponentially if you do have a strong educational foundation. If you are looking to further your education, you must assess your end goals and consider your lifestyle. Only then can you really decide which degree or certificate program is right for you. When assessing the different types of degrees and certificate programs, consider each carefully and how they can work together to create customized solutions for you.

Certificate Programs

Certificates focus on one specific area of expertise, bolster your skill set, and put those skills to work right away. Certificates are perfect for learning new technologies or industries, or complementing your existing college degree. Certificates are also a great way to launch yourself into a new career and determine whether it is the right one for you—before committing four years of education to it. Certificates can also be completed quickly, many in under a year. CCE @ Assumption has seven certificates that can give you a leg up or launch you straight into your chosen field.

Associate’s Degrees

An associate’s degree can be a step towards a bachelor’s degree, or it can be your final educational destination. The coursework will provide you with broad knowledge of the subject area you are studying while giving you an opportunity to pursue more advanced studies. For many careers, however, an Associate’s degree is sufficient to enter into the field. Probation officers, victim advocacy counselors, evidence technicians, and youth detection counselors, to name a few, are among the professions that can be obtained with an Associate of Science in Social Science.

Bachelor’s Degrees

A popular choice among students, the bachelor’s degree offers a solid educational foundation and an in-depth study of your subject of choice. Depending on your goals and personal circumstances, a Bachelor’s Degree may be right for you. Many careers list a Bachelor’s Degree as being a prerequisite to enter the field. When in doubt, conduct an employment search for your career of choice and determine whether or not a Bachelor’s Degree is a prerequisite to enter the field.

Building Towards Success with Stackable Programs

If you would like to build upon your existing certificate, coursework, or degree, it’s important to know that you can achieve these milestones at your own pace. At CCE @ Assumption, most coursework is stackable in some way, which means you can bite off a little bit at a time and work steadily towards your goal while achieving smaller goals along the way. If you complete a certificate or an Associate’s Degree, for example, you can transfer those credits to a Bachelor’s Degree program and complete your goal even faster. The courses and credits fit right into the degree seamlessly.

CCE’s Certificate programs stack especially nicely into a Bachelor’s Degree program. For example, if you received a Certificate in Substance Abuse Counseling, but later decided to go for a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies, you could use the courses from your certificate program towards your concentration. You would then graduate with a Bachelor’s in Human Services with a Concentration in Substance Abuse Counseling. Similarly, the certificates in Project Management and Human Resources Management work nicely as concentrations for a Bachelor’s of Business Administration. CCE @ Assumption also has a unique Bachelor of Business Degree that allows students to design their own concentration. This is a great feature for students if they would like to create their own.

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