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It’s even quicker and easier to transfer to Assumption!

Are you considering transferring to CCE at Assumption College?  We’ve made the process faster and easier than ever before.  Simply submit your official or unofficial transcript and an academic advisor will respond with a personalized transfer evaluation within 72 hours (3 business days).*

  • We have partnerships with many community colleges around the nation and can quickly and easily transfer your credits into our academic programs.
  • ALL of your credits (up to 75 credits) will transfer for all college courses in which you received a grade of a C- or better.
  • CCE at Assumption College is surprisingly affordable for a quality private college education.  Tuition for a 3-credit course is comparable to the cost of tuition and fees at state universities.

How to Get Your Free Transfer Evaluation

  • Submit your official or unofficial transcripts through our form to the right.  (You may upload a PDF, text file, scan, or legible photo of your transcript.  You may also email it to
  • Clearly identify the program you wish to transfer into.
  • Provide your name, phone number, mailing address, and email address.

* The 72-hour/3 business day response period starts after CCE has received the following items: Your official or unofficial transcript(s) showing the credits you want to transfer into the program, clear identification of the program into which you want to transfer, your mailing address, email address, and phone number.

Continuing & Career Education (CCE) will accept up to 75 transfer credits from appropriately accredited colleges or universities in which the student has earned a grade of “C-” or better.

Students who have earned associate degrees from appropriately accredited colleges, and who continue in the same or related fields of study, normally receive full credit for all courses completed as part of those associate degree programs. Once accepted into a degree or certificate program, students are expected to complete their coursework at Assumption College, and abide by the cross-registration policy.

Learn about receiving a FREE Transfer Credit Evaluation within 72 hours

Continuing & Career Education recognizes that learning takes place in a variety of settings that include, but are not limited to, the classroom. Up to 30 credits for prior learning and/or approved standardized examinations may be applied toward the bachelor’s degrees. Up to 15 credits are allowed toward the associate degrees.

To receive credit for prior learning, candidates must be able to demonstrate that they have been able to abstract the intellectual principles underlying previous work experiences. Students must be matriculated, must have completed at least twelve credits at Assumption, and must obtain approval from the Director of CCE to begin the evaluation procedure. The entire process should be completed prior to the student’s final semester before graduation.

Certain standardized tests (CLEP, DANTES) may be taken to demonstrate college-level competence in a discipline. CCE also considers programs which have been evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE) or the National Program on Noncollegiate Sponsored Instruction (NPONSI) for possible advanced standing. Students should obtain prior approval of their academic advisors. Information is available at the following websites:


Credit earned by examination and/or prior learning does not reduce the minimum number of courses which must be taken at Assumption College.


Bachelor’s Degree
CCE can accept up to 75 transfer credits; requiring 15 courses (45 credits) to be completed through CCE at Assumption College to meet the residency requirement.

Associate Degree
CCE can accept up to 45 transfer credits; requiring 8 courses (24 credits) to be completed through CCE at Assumption College to meet the residency requirement.

Students who earn an associate degree and a bachelor’s degree through CCE must complete a minimum of 8 courses/24 credits as part of the associate degree and a minimum of 7 courses/21 credits as part of the bachelor’s degree.

Upon completion of at least five courses in CCE, matriculated students may take as many as four courses in the undergraduate day college on a space-available basis and at the prevailing CCE tuition rate. Registration for undergraduate day-college courses is to be completed during the first week of the undergraduate day-college semester.

Once accepted into a degree or certificate program, students are expected to complete their coursework at Assumption College. Students may not take courses at other institutions for transfer to Assumption College except under extenuating circumstances (e.g., required courses not offered at Assumption College at a time needed). Prior approval must be obtained from an academic counselor. An official transcript of credits completed must be sent directly from the credit-granting institution to CCE.