Recent Graduates Share Their Stories

“The Assumption CCE program was a mind-boggling experience that changed the way I look at my business career.” – Besnik Bytiqi 

besnikbytiqi_ac-may13-040“The students in the program are highly motivated which makes for a positive, dynamic classroom environment in which people are striving to better themselves.

A huge plus is the affordability for such a high level of quality. I wanted a school with a good name for business and I was able to choose Assumption without paying more than other local colleges. All of my associate’s degree credits transferred perfectly from community college into CCE at Assumption’s business program, and I took advantage of online courses to finish as quickly as possible.

My plan is to become a Certified Public Accountant, earn an MBA degree, and hopefully someday become the CFO of an international company. I know that my degree from Assumption will be the foundation for achieving my goals.”



Besnik Bytiqi 
Bachelor in Business Administration, Accounting
Staff Accountant, Allegro Microsystems


“It turned out to be the perfect choice. The academic quality and the flexibility of the program and class options fit my crazy life.” – Katie Farmer

“Assumption’s policy to provide credits for life and work experience was a big factor, initially. They recognized all that I had experienced and accomplished professionally and provided credits for lifelong learning. I have a lot of drive and was doing reasonably well in my career but I wanted to advance further, and it was clear that getting my bachelor’s degree would be crucial. Assumption turned out to be the perfect choice.

The academic quality is outstanding and the flexibility of the program and class options fit my crazy life. The administration and professors also understood that I was trying to achieve my educational goals while being a Mom and a business person who aspired to greater things. I’m so proud of the accomplishment and especially to have done it at Assumption.

Katie Farmer
Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting
Director, Claims Process Improvement / Hanover Insurance

“It was a life-changing experience to graduate from the CCE program at Assumption.”  – Randy Dupell



“My experience in the program gave me the ability to land a job that I never would have been able to attain previously, and to pursue the dream of attending graduate school to earn my master’s in social work.

Unlike other schools I’ve experienced, Assumption is 100% focused on the well-being and success of students. They completely understand the concerns, doubts, and fears of adults who are returning to college and carefully walk you through the process at your own pace. They made the experience so much easier. At the same time, they encourage you to apply yourself and work hard within an atmosphere of learning excellence. All of this greatness for the same cost of other colleges! What else could you ask for? It was just a phenomenal experience.”



Randy Dupell
Bachelor’s in Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies
Central Mass Substance Abuse Coordinator, State of MA Parole Department


“Assumption College was a great partner for me and provided exactly what I needed academically and professionally, including the confidence to advance my career.” – Kathy Anderson

Once I took my first class I was hooked. The CCE program attracts students who are ambitious critical thinkers from diverse cultural backgrounds who want to learn and achieve. The professors are insightful and engaging; they truly care about adult students’ success and understand how difficult it is to balance work, family, and school.

There seems to be a misperception that Assumption is more expensive than other schools, but in reality, it offers a more complete college experience for the same cost. I tried a few classes at another college before transferring into Assumption’s program. To me, there is no comparison with any other colleges I might have considered.

Throughout my journey at Assumption, I met amazing teachers, classmates, and friends.”

Kathy Anderson
Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts
Marketing Communications Specialist / Allegro MicroSystems

  “When I met the incredible people at Assumption’s CCE program, I knew that’s where I wanted to go.” – Michael Thomas



“I wouldn’t trade my experience at Assumption for the world. I had worked in retail and education for more than 20 years before getting my bachelor’s degree. When I met the incredible people at Assumption’s CCE program, I knew that’s where I wanted to go. As soon as you walk through the door, you’re put at ease and all of your fears and self-perceived obstacles about returning to school recede. The sense of community is extraordinary. Everyone inspires one another to achieve their goals.

It’s also a tremendous value. Students enjoy all the benefit of a first-class traditional college, including a beautiful campus, plus the option of convenient online or blended courses, at a very reasonable cost. I leave Assumption with great pride knowing that I can confidently advance my career.”



Michael Thomas
Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting
Business Office Manager, Better Business Bureau


“Everything that could have gone right for me did go right for me in the CCE program at Assumption College. I can’t say enough about the experience.” – Robert Holmes

“I never thought Assumption would be in the cards for me because of cost. I was planning on state school, and then saw CCE’s tuition pricing and it became an easy choice to have the rewards of such a great reputation for roughly the same cost.

Economic times were tough during my time in the program, and there’s no doubt that I maintained my position with my employer due to my ability to exhibit a higher level of expertise—directly as a result of the courses I was taking at Assumption. It was quite remarkable that almost everything I learned in the business courses could be applied immediately to my working life. The experience has made a huge impact on my career.”

Robert Holmes
Bachelor of Business Administration, Management
Director of Dining Service/Regional Support Chef, Compass Group

“Assumption College is such a wonderful place for adult students. It’s a nurturing, safe, values-based community that wants students to succeed.” – Claudia Best

claudiabest_ac-jun19-010_v2“The staff and faculty go the extra mile to provide resources and support. There’s also a sense of connectedness that binds Assumption people together in the pursuit of intellectual and personal growth.

The CCE course content is rich and deep. The professors are amazing. Many have doctorates and decades of experience, but they are so down to earth, responsive, and engaging. They are there to teach and empower students, and to contribute to the extraordinary learning environment.

I looked at many area colleges, but felt I would receive a great education at Assumption. Affordability was also important. Realizing that the cost was comparable to a state school was a big ‘wow’ for me. Overall, CCE at Assumption offered the entire college experience I was looking for—and delivered everything I expected.”



Claudia Best
Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences
Self employed artist and art facilitator