Grading and Withdrawals

All students must attend class whenever an announced test, quiz, oral, or written examination is given and whenever a report or paper is due. In addition, instructors have the prerogative of establishing specific attendance requirements in their own courses. Each student has the responsibility to keep fully informed of class assignments, special activities, and examinations of all types, and to meet the requirements of the course.

Course grades are issued and are recorded on the student’s permanent record at the end of each semester. In addition, nine weeks after the beginning of the semester, the student may request a progress report from the instructor in each course. Letter grades, which may be modified by plus or minus symbols, indicate the level of performance in a course as follows:

“A” (Excellent), “B” (Good), “C” (Average), “D” (Poor); a grade of “F” indicates that a student has failed the course. A grade of “F” is final and not subject to change.

An incomplete (“I”) grade is awarded only when the student has made a special arrangement with the faculty member to complete course requirements at a specified later date. An incomplete grade may be changed to a letter grade within one semester following the semester in which the course was attended; otherwise, the incomplete is changed to a grade of “F.” The due date for a Fall incomplete is in May, a Spring incomplete is in August, and a Summer incomplete is in December.

Any student wishing to withdraw from a course must notify Continuing and Career Education in writing. Ceasing to attend classes or notifying only the instructor does not constitute a formal withdrawal and will result in a grade of “F” for that course.