Academic Standing and Probation

A student whose QPA falls below a 2.0 after he or she has taken at least four courses in CCE will be placed on academic probation. If a student incurs a second consecutive probation or a third non-consecutive probation, the student is required to withdraw.

A low QPA may be improved by repeating the same course or a course equivalent to the one in which an “F” or a low grade was earned. The new grade replaces the original one in the computation of the QPA, but both grades remain on the permanent record.

Students who accrue four consecutive or nonconsecutive grades of “I” or “W” may be placed on academic probation. An additional grade of “I” or “W” may be cause for dismissal. Students who are placed on probation are required to meet with their advisors for academic counseling.

All non-matriculated continuing education students who have enrolled in four or more courses through CCE must achieve a minimum QPA of 2.0 in order to continue to enroll in courses at Assumption College.