Academic Honors


The Delta Theta Chapter (Assumption College Chapter) of Alpha Sigma Lambda recognizes students in continuing higher education who have outstanding academic achievement. It is a significant achievement to be inducted into the honor society, based on the criteria below:

  1. Members must be matriculated CCE students and must have earned a minimum of 24 graded semester hours at Assumption College.
  2. Half of the above college credits shall be in courses outside the student’s major field. At least 15 credits of the student’s total credits should be earned in courses in Liberal Arts/Sciences.
  3. Members shall be selected from the highest twenty percent of those who satisfy the above requirements and maintain a grade point average of 3.5 or better.

The Saint Augustine Award is presented annually to the Continuing Education student who completes his or her bachelor degree requirements with the highest QPA in the graduating class. The award recognizes the academic achievement of adult students.