Social Sciences Degree Programs

Make a difference in people’s lives with a Bachelor of Science in Social Science at Continuing & Career Education at Assumption

Are you passionate about helping your community and individuals improve their lives? Our Social Science program offers specializations in Criminal Justice or Psychology, with a focus on the theory and practical application within each discipline.

Through the online Criminal Justice Concentration, students have the flexibility to learn Criminology theory with courses like Intro to the Criminal Justice System, Criminology, Juvenile Delinquency, Deviant Behavior, and Sociology of Law. The Criminal Justice set of courses provide students the opportunity to expand their learning interest in courses such as Terrorism in the U.S., Scientific Evidence, Violent Crime, Profiling, Forensic Science, Criminal Minds, and Cybercrime.

The Psychology Concentration provides students the opportunity to be well-versed in psychological concepts of interest areas in Psychology such as, Happiness, Abnormal, Humor, Personality, Development, Men and Women, Group Psychology, etc. The curriculum promotes personal growth and development and challenges students to critically evaluate complex social issues.

A bachelor’s degree in psychology provides an understanding of cognition, emotions, and human behaviors. Skills developed in research, writing, problem solving, and evaluating information can be valuable in the workplace. A bachelor’s degree in psychology prepares students for careers as a Human resources generalist, Project coordinator, Public health worker, Market research analyst, or Parole or probation officer.