Humanities Concentrations

Students in the humanities program have the flexibility to select from the following concentrations.


Take 8 courses from this list.

  • ENG112E Professional and Academic Writing
  • ENG113E Learning Skills Seminar
  • ENG130E English Composition
  • ENG140E Introduction to Literature
  • ENG201E Argument & Persuasion
  • ENG202E Journalism
  • ENG203E Autobiography Writing
  • ENG204E Effective Business Writing
  • ENG205E Technical Writing
  • ENG206E Journal Writing
  • ENG209E Creative Writing
  • ENG226E Major American Writers
  • ENG233E Modern Short Story
  • ENG260E Writing and Content Management
  • ENG263E Children’s Literature
  • ENG308E Writing and Editing
  • ENG387E African-American Literature


Take 8 courses from this list.

  • HIS114E The West and the World I (to 1800)
  • HIS115E The West and the World II (since 1800)
  • HIS116E History of Western Civilization I
  • HIS117E History of Western Civilization II
  • HIS180E United States History I
  • HIS181E United States History II
  • HIS 213E Women and the American Experience
  • HIS248E Women Who Changed the World: Women in Western Civilization
  • HIS251E Modern Latin America
  • HIS256E Mayans, Europeans, and the End of the World
  • HIS256E Drugs, Wars, and Borders: US and Latin American Relations
  • HIS256E Wars that Changed America
  • HIS 259E Revolutionary America
  • HIS261E Twentieth-Century America
  • HIS262E The American Civil War
  • HIS289E History of Baseball in America
  • HIS 389E Special Topics: Presidential Scandals

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