Humanities Degree Programs

Achieve greater emotional intelligence, empathy, ethical judgement, and effective writing skills by earning an Online Humanities Degree at Continuing & Career Education at Assumption

A recent study by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, “Fulfilling the American Dream, Liberal Education and the Future of Work,” shows that business executives and hiring managers value these learning priorities and skills in their workforce! According to the student, the top 7 skills are communication both orally and effectively in writing, critical thinking, ethical judgement and decision making, teamwork, prioritization, self-motivation, and real work application.

The online Bachelor of Arts in Humanities program is comprised of ten liberal arts courses designed to provide a foundation of knowledge in ethics, writing, theology, philosophy, literature, history, mathematics, natural science, and foreign languages. The two concentrations are English and General Humanities.

What earning an Online Assumption Humanities Degree means. recently posted an article of the 17 great jobs for English Majors. An English degree provides excellent written and verbal communication, critical thinking, and persuasive reasoning skills transferrable to a number of different fields with competitive salaries. Here are a few:

  • Copywriter– $69,935
  • Content Writer-$54,455
  • Marketing Coordinator- $55,076
  • Teacher- $52,363
  • SEO Specialist- $66,848              
  • Journalist- $52,162
  • Social Media Coordinator- $47,098
  • Paralegal- $58,100
  • Public Relations Coordinator-$60,474
  • Technical Writer-$70,577
  • Associate Consultant- $78,819
  • Executive Assistant-$61,932

How would my credits from other programs transfer into the Humanities degree?

Adult students who may have earned credits from multiple colleges and various programs and majors find the Humanities Degree very accommodating to transferring in their credits. This degree has a very liberal transfer restriction with a large elective pool (63 credits) available for ease of credit transfer.