Online & Blended Certificate Programs


Did you know that certificates make up 22 percent of all college awards? In fact, a certificate is now the highest form of education held by 1 in 10 American workers. Certificate holders also earn an average of 20 percent more than workers who only hold high school diplomas. Rarely discussed and little-understood, certificate programs are the fastest-growing college credential and are key to workforce development.

Why are certificate programs becoming a trend?

As new sectors and career trajectories emerge in our economy, it’s imperative that working people stay educated about new trends and maintain relevance within their industry. That can explain why one third of certificate holders also have an associate’s, bachelor’s, or graduate degree. Certificate programs are an excellent way for people who are looking to change careers, improve their current work status, or increase their earning potential to keep up with the trends in their existing or future fields. Certificates allow students to gain additional knowledge, work experience, and expertise, providing certificate candidates some distinction from their peers.

A major reason why certificate programs are becoming wildly popular is they provide this additional knowledge, training, and work experience for a fraction of the cost of degree programs. Typically, certificate programs require students to take fewer, more relevant classes than traditional degree programs, and can be completed in a year or less. (Assumption’s certificate programs generally can be attained with the completion of six to eight classes, in a year’s time.) The relatively short timeframe required to complete a certificate program enables students to enter into a new field or get a promotion even faster. In the world of on-demand everything, expediency is crucial.

What makes the Assumption College’s Online certificate program unique?

At Assumption College we evaluate labor trends and growth industries on an ongoing basis. We then align our certificate programs with National or State certifications or licensures. It is a smooth and natural progression for students to complete our certificate programs and then consider sitting for a national certification exam*

Assumption offers the following Certificate programs 100% online:

Assumption also offers a blended program for the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling if seeking CADC Certification (70% of your coursework is required in the classroom).

What are the benefits of certificate programs?

  • Students gain valuable knowledge and credentials in a short period of time
  • Certificate candidates enjoy a high degree of flexibility
  • Our programs improve students’ skills
  • Certificates improve marketability in the workforce
  • Certificates are more cost effective than a full degree program

What should you look for when choosing a certificate program?

Students should choose a value-based certificate program with a moderate price point. Ensure that your certificate program is specific in nature and can be completed within a short time. Certificate programs should not last longer than a year to eighteen months. If you are looking for a career change, consider a program in a growth field, as there will be greater opportunities for employment upon completing your program. At Assumption, our programs are specifically tailored to prepare students with the very skills required to enter growing fields and improve opportunities for promotion. Learn more by visiting our Certificates Page.

* Some National and State Certifications and Licensures have additional requirements in addition to academic coursework. It is the responsibility of the student to check with that organization for requirements to sit for that exam.

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