The Student Experience

Convenient Online Programs


CCE at Assumption College understands it’s important to be able to further your education while also managing your busy schedule. The majority of our programs offered can be completed online.


Blended On Campus

Our Blended format works as a way for students to experience the best of both worlds – complete some classes online, and some in a traditional on-campus classroom. This is a terrific option for those who don’t want to lose the personal touch of a classroom setting, but also would like the flexibility and convenience of online community learning.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there online tutoring?
Yes. Online tutoring services are available through a partnership with the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium.
Students can receive tutoring assistance in the following areas:

Writing in all subject areas
Math (Developmental through College Calculus)
Anatomy and Physiology

Is on-campus tutoring available to CCE students?
The Academic Support Center is a peer tutoring service which is provided by the College for the benefit of the entire Assumption College community. It is in the D’Alzon Library on the second floor, 508-767-7071. It is supervised by the Director and staffed by students and qualified professionals who have been selected for their abilities as tutors in areas such as math, economics, statistics, accounting, quantitative methods, science, writing, and foreign languages. Small group tutorials in study skills are also available.
What services are available to students with disabilities?
Students with special needs, including learning disabilities, are encouraged to call the Director of the Academic Support Center at 508-767-7311.
My computer is old, will it work for online classes?
If you are at all unsure about your computer or ability to use it for online classes, we suggest coming to one of the on-campus information sessions to learn about the online learning platform. If you need immediate assistance with connecting to your online class, please call the helpdesk at 508-767-7060.
Can I just take a single class or do I need to enroll in a program?
Up to two classes may be taken, after that students are encouraged to matriculate into a full program.
Do the same professors that teach in the classroom teach the online classes as well?
Most of the CCE instructors who teach in the classroom also teach online courses. There are a few dedicated faculty who are committed to the traditional classroom experience.
Is it a lengthy process to apply to the CCE program?
No, we will need an online application, your prior college or high school transcripts, and a FAFSA filled out if you are seeking Financial Aid.
I have not gone to College in quite some time do my credits expire?
No, credits are part of your academic record from your prior College. The Registrars office should keep those on file.
You can request to have an official transcript sent to you or to the college you are transferring to.
What is an official transcript?
An official transcript is a transcript that is sent in a sealed envelope from one College to another College. It is not opened by the student. Unofficial transcripts are provided without the raised seal and issued to the student directly for your review.
Should I have a transfer evaluation done before starting with a College?
Yes. It is strongly advised no matter what college you are looking to attend that you know before starting how your credits are accepted into the degree program you are looking to complete.
How much money will I get from Financial Aid?
It is suggested that you apply for Federal Student Aid FAFSA. Each student is different and financial status is different for everyone. Once you apply you can work with the Assumption College Financial Aid office through the process.
How quickly can I get my degree or certificate?
Again, each student is different with what courses are transferred in, what life experience may be considered, if you can CLEP a class, and what courses would then be needed to complete for the degree. Financial considerations would also be a factor; if you employer could assist you in paying for school, how much Financial Aid will cover your courses, how many courses you enroll in during the semester, and are you considering taking summer classes as well.

Certificate programs can potentially be complete in a year or year in a half. Generally there are two courses offered per semester for certificate programs. So if it is a 6 course certificate it could be completed within a year timeframe, 8 courses is a year and a semester.