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At Assumption University you will learn from highly successful individuals with years of experience in their respective fields, and. you will enjoy the support of a faculty who are extremely committed to seeing you succeed

Administrative Office Staff of CCE

CCE Director
Dennis Braun, M.B.A.

Assumption University’s Continuing and Career Education programs are specifically designed for adult learners. The CCE Staff and faculty understand your challenges with balancing school, family, work, and life! Our ambition is to help each and every student complete their academic goals and support our students through their education. By offering online accelerated programs in growing career fields we strive to meet the needs of adult learners throughout New England.

I welcome you to personally connect with me if you have any questions about your education; we are here to help you along your journey.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Dennis Braun
Director of Continuing and Career Education

Head shot of Michele Aubin of Assumption College.
Academic Counselor
Michele Aubin, B.S.S.S.

Michele has been with Assumption University since 2005 with a diverse background in Higher Education. Michele comes to CCE from the Provost’s office where she worked closely with the Provost and Associate Provost in university-wide academic initiatives. Prior to joining the CCE Staff, Michele served on the CCE Academic Committee and was a student through the program, graduating Summa Cum Laude. Michele’s supportive and personable relationship with students is an asset to the CCE program!


Allen Bruehl, Director of Academic Support Center

Professor Bruehl is the Director of the Assumption University Academic Support Center and has been teaching English, Literature, and writing courses in the CCE Division for over 20 years. Professor Bruehl has been with Assumption University since 1992 and is a great resource for our students seeking academic support.

Headshot of Professor Mark Christensen of Assumption College.History

Mark Christensen, Ph.D.

Professor Mark Christensen has been teaching History for the CCE division since 2011 while with Assumption University as a full-time day instructor. Professor Christensen is now an associate professor at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, but continues to teach with CCE. He is the author of various books and articles on colonial Latin America including Nahua and Maya Catholicisms. “As an historian of colonial Latin American, my specialization includes Nahua (Aztec) and Maya ethnohistory in central Mexico and Yucatan, and the translation of Nahuatl and Maya texts. I am interested in the lives of native peoples and how they negotiated their colonial religious and social experience.”

Headshot of Alfred DiCampo, MBA of Assumption College.Accounting and Management

Alfred DiCampo, MBA

Al has a long career in accounting and business management, working in diverse industries including high technology, medical devices, electrical generation, non-profit organizations, shoe manufacturing and jewelry manufacturing and distribution.  As a specialist in managerial accounting he has advanced through accounting and administrative fields holding such positions as Business Manager, Vice President of Finance and Administration and Operations Controller. He serves as an adjunct professor at Assumption University where he instructs Finance and Accounting courses. He is also a Consultant with AdaptivePro, helping businesses improve financial planning efficiency and productivity using cloud-based corporate performance measurement and business intelligence systems. Al has a BA from The College of the Holy Cross and an MBA from Babson College.

Head shot of Sue Eramo, MBA of Assumption College.Accounting

Sue Eramo, MBA

Professor Eramo earned her BBA, magna cum laude in 1984 from Assumption University’s Continuing Education division and her MBA from Assumption in 1989. She began teaching at Assumption University in 1989 when she took a temporary position in the Business Studies department. Shortly thereafter she began teaching courses for CCE. During the early 90’s she left Assumption to devote her time to her family, and she returned in 2006.

Susan was presented with CCE’s Outstanding Faculty Award for the academic year ending 2010.  CCE grants this honor for “outstanding teaching, dedication to students, and overall support of the CCE program.” She has consistently received excellent course evaluations from the students.

Head shot of Julie Leblanc, Director of Student Accessibility Services of Assumption CollegeHuman Services and Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Julie Leblanc, Director of Student Accessibility Services

Professor Leblanc serves as the Director of Student Accessibility Services at Assumption University and has been working and teaching in higher education since 1990.

Professor Leblanc employs a wide range of expertise in student development, counseling and the development and execution of collegiate programs for students with learning disabilities, ADHD, ASD and other emotional and learning challenges. She has extensive experience in classroom teaching, developing curriculum for students with learning challenges, and developing strategy-based learning for all types of learners. Julie has proven successful in the management of a fast-paced university Learning Center dedicated to assist all types of students in the learning process, comprised of a writing center, math center, faculty and peer tutoring program, academic coaching program, training program for faculty and staff, accessibility student services, and assistive technology services.

Head shot of Doe West, Ph.D. of Assumption College.Human Services and Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Doe West, Ph.D.

Professor West bring a diverse and rich work history as an academic, practicing Psychotherapist, Chaplain / Pastor and senior level administrator (nonprofit and public administration). Doe demonstrates strong leadership skills melded with compassion, seeking always to support optimal growth regarding the intellectual, psychological, spiritual, physical and social needs of each person. Doe believes in developing the strongest rapport possible with students and coworkers – collaborating effectively across all organizational levels. “I do not simply teach cultural competence but model it in every sphere of interaction. I have lived my belief that communication is the foundational for all positive change – individually and as a nation.” Doe has been teaching since 1980 and has been with Assumption University since 2008.

Head shot of Stephen Willand, Ph.D.  of Assumption CollegeHistory and Political Science

Stephen Willand, Ph.D.

Dr. Willand has thirty years of experience with the City of Worcester designing and implementing workforce development programs for thirty-eight communities in Central Massachusetts. As a department head, and Executive Director of the Central Mass Regional Employment Board, he has hands-on experience in the “real world” of program management as he coordinated federal, state, and local programs to meet the needs of local employers. Professor Willand has been an instructor since 1981 and has been with CCE since 1999. Stephen was presented with CCE’s Outstanding Faculty Award for the academic year ending 2008.  CCE grants this honor for “outstanding teaching, dedication to students, and overall support of the CCE program.”

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