Continuing & Career Education (CCE) at Assumption College provides students an opportunity to further develop in their quest for personal and professional growth. At Assumption, you will receive a unique values-based core curriculum that is proven to be highly valued by employers.

All degree programs include general education requirements that promote critical thinking, oral and written communication skills, and computer literacy. Your coursework often builds applied practice in career fields.

The Objectives of Continuing & Career Education (CCE) are:

  • Help students in their quest for personal and professional growth
  • Provide opportunities to attain new knowledge needed to compete in a changing workplace
  • Increase the adult learner’s appreciation for lifelong learning
  • Provide the community with opportunities for cultural, intellectual and professional experiences



A Private College Degree—for a State University Price.

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Affordability is a concern for many when looking to continue their education. Most people don’t realize that CCE at Assumption College tuition is competitive with state universities’ combination of tuition and high fees.

We do not add costly additional fees on top of tuition—a standard practice at other institutions. This is good news for adult students who want a high-quality education at a reasonable price.

Flexible Class Options: Online, Blended, Accelerated, and Traditional Classes.

Our flexible class options provide you with extraordinary convenience and the ability to complete your degree faster, at a schedule that works best for you. Most of our programs can be completed online such as our Bachelor of Arts in Human Services as well our Certificate in Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling. In addition to our many online options, we also offer many course in a blended format. This allows students to experience the personal touch of the classroom with the flexibility and convenience of online community learning.

Maximize Your Transfer Credits and Potentially Save Thousands on Your Degree.

Our generous transfer policy allows for up to 75 transfer credits from appropriately accredited colleges or universities in courses in which you’ve earned a grade of “C-” or better. The additional transfer credits at Assumption can save you thousands in tuition costs, plus the many months or years to complete numerous courses. In addition, all transfer credits from college courses (up to 75 credits) are applied, no matter how long ago you earned them! Students who have earned associate degrees from appropriately accredited colleges, and who continue in the same or related fields of study, normally receive full credit for all courses completed as part of those associate degree programs.

Incoming students with previously earned college credits tell us that CCE at Assumption College was the most accommodating in accepting transfer credits and in rewarding credits for lifetime work experience. Expert academic advisors at Assumption will show you how to take advantage of our Transfer Credit and Credit for Prior Learning policies.

Credits for Prior Life/Work Experience

Continuing & Career Education recognizes that learning takes place in a variety of settings that include, but are not limited to, the classroom. Up to 30 credits for prior learning and/or approved standardized examinations may be applied toward the bachelor degrees. Up to 15 credits are allowed toward the associate degrees. To receive credit for prior learning, candidates must be able to demonstrate that they have been able to abstract the intellectual principles underlying previous work experiences. Students must be matriculated, must have completed at least twelve credits at Assumption, and must obtain approval from the Director of Continuing & Career Education to begin the evaluation procedure.

Employers Want What Assumption Graduates Have.

There has never been a better time to take the next step in your professional development. In a recent survey, employers were asked to rank important academic qualifications for management candidates. Of all the educational qualifications, they gave the highest rating to “Ethical Decision-Making,” one of the key outcomes of our values-based Core Curriculum. 

Of the colleges in central Massachusetts, only CCE at Assumption College offers a core curriculum that educates adult students in ethical decision-making.