A Project Management Certificate Offers Increased Job Opportunities

project management certificate

Project management continues to be one of the fastest growing areas in business. The need to have a steady hand guiding projects has led to the creation of millions of project management-related jobs worldwide.

Because project management skills are needed in every industry, the number of jobs has increased rapidly. One way to find betterquality jobs is to earn a project management certificate.

Certificate programs allow students to quickly learn valuable information focused on one professional area. Earning a certificate can complement a college degree, although having a degree is not required to entersuch a program at Assumption College.

In either case, a project management certificate can significantly impact your career in a very positive way.

What Is Project Management?

Project managers develop the skills and knowledge to ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and with a result that meets the original expectation for the project. Anyone who has worked on aproject knows the difficulty of those tasks. They require a high-level ofexpertise, which is exactly what a project management certificate program provides.

Success Drives Demand

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is considered the leading organization on project management. In a report on the need for project managers, PMI estimated there will be 87.7 million people working in project management-focused roles by 2027. To reach that number, organizations worldwide will need to create about 2.2million jobs per year.

Why so many jobs? Success.

Organizations that hire project managers have quickly learned the value of having employees who focusentirely on planning and managing projects in such a way as to keep them ontime and within budget.

Project managers have expertise in:

  • Keeping projects on target to achieve the original business goal
  • Understanding how each project aligns with overall organizational strategy
  • Avoiding budget overruns and wasted effort by understanding how to manage issues such as “scope creep” – sidetracks in projects that don’t serve the ultimate goal
  • Managing project teams to keep them on deadline
  • Developing overall project plans that segment projects into different tasks

Project management has proven so successful that some organizations now want employees across key departments to know about project management methodology, whether they focus full-time on project management or not.

Where the Jobs Are

Another factor in the growing number of project management jobs is the number of “first wave”project managers who are nearing retirement age.

While the United States has many project manager jobs, the need for project managers is a worldwide phenomenon. Earning a certificate in America opens the door to jobs around the globe.

PMI reports that these countries have the largest demand for project managers, in addition to thoseneeded in the U.S.

  • China
  • India
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • UAE
  • Brazil
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Saudi Arabia

Project management jobs are also available across all industries. The need for successful projects is universal, including in the government and non-profit sectors.

What You’ll Learn

In the project management certificate course offered through Assumption College, students must complete seven core courses. These courses provide the foundation for successful project management and prepare students to gain experience on project management teams.

The courses include organizational communication, business law, production and operations management, leadership, purchasing and supply chain management, employee relations management, and project management strategy.

It’s also key for students in project management to seek out experience in the field, such as working at an entry level position on a project team. That experience coupled with the expertise gained in a certificate program can open the door to higher-level project management jobs.

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