5 Important Benefits of Transferring Colleges

There are many reasons to transfer colleges. Some students are looking to finish the degree they started at community colleges; others just didn’t find their first school to be a good fit. Regardless of the reason behind it, transferring colleges can be an important and impactful next step in your education. Changing schools might seem overwhelming or difficult, but there are good reasons to make the switch. Here are five important benefits of transferring colleges.

1. Broader Experience

When you attend a single college, your experiences are limited to what that school has to offer. Students who attend more than one college have a broader range of experience to draw from. Every campus is different, and so are the courses offered at each college. By experiencing different academic environments, your education will be more well-rounded than the student who stayed at one school. Having a diverse set of courses and instructors will broaden your network and knowledge in the field.

2. Clearer Goals

When you prepare to transfer from one college to another, it becomes necessary for you to comb through your previous academic history and rethink your end goals. This process will help you reassess your priorities, resulting in clear goals with a well-defined path for achievement that traditional students do not always have. When transferring colleges, it is important to verify that your credits will be accepted. Some schools establish transfer agreements so students can clearly see how their credits and programs align.

3. A Fresh Start

Sometimes, clearing the slate can help you get your momentum back—especially if you’ve had some time off from school. Life often gets in the way of completing goals. Whether you were taken off track by work, travel, or family, a fresh start can help you get your academic motivation back so you can succeed. Your experience at one college may be much different than at another. Your circumstances may also be different. A new school may meet your needs differently, especially if you are looking to be a part time student, online student, or adult student.

4. Colleges Will Work With You

A recent blog article by Noel Levitz references the high amount of transfer students at each college. You would be surprised to learn that more than one-third of all undergraduates are college transfer students—they started at one institution and, for whatever reason, have moved on to the next. That amounts to millions of college students transferring each year.

It is important to know that you are not alone and that colleges like CCE @ Assumption are prepared to work with transfer students to create transfer agreements, accept your credits, assign you a personalized academic counselor, and guide you from the registration process through graduation.

5. Greater Satisfaction

Many students graduate college with a few regrets. From missing out on certain classes to wishing they had studied abroad, college requires a lot of permanent decisions. The opportunity to regroup and redefine your goals during the transfer process can provide you with greater overall satisfaction with your education than students who take the traditional route. By owning your education process there is a true sense of accomplishment that you did it all on your own and matured through the experience.

Your Path to Success

What is right for one student will not necessarily be right for another. You have to find your own path to success and happiness. Remember, it is not where you start, but how you finish. No matter where you have been, CCE @ Assumption will welcome you to succeed here.


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