5 Digital Marketing Jobs Worth Considering

Monday, August 15, 2016

There are few career paths that allow you to truly explore what interests you. Digital marketing is a rare exception because it is such a broad field that there’s career paths to interest everyone. Are you passionate about writing? You may find yourself cozying up on a couch at an agency, writing blogs, emails, and ebooks for a variety of clients. Perhaps numbers are more your thing. You can spend hours pouring over a website’s analytics trying to determine trends. If you’re looking for a career that you’ll love, here’s some digital marketing jobs worth considering.


Digital marketing jobs that fall under this category are often specialists in their field. These roles allow you to focus on the specialty you love, instead of strategizing and delegating to other people.

1. PPC Manager

It may have manager in its name, but make no mistake, you will get your hands dirty in the trenches as a PPC (pay-per-click) manager. A PPC manager creates and manages paid search, social media ads, and client communications about those ads. It’s not all work and no play. Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms and the advertising options they offer, allowing you to attend webinars and stay connected on social media with industry leaders. Daily activities include analyzing account performance, often at the keyword level, and monitoring budgets. Are you curious and detail-oriented? You’d make a great PPC manager because they constantly have to evaluate which strategies work and which don’t. Are you up to the challenge? The median salary of for a PPC Manager is $48,292.

2. SEO Specialist

An SEO specialist’s goal is to strategize and execute a plan for a website to show up in some of the top spots on a search engine (Google, Bing, even social media sites like Youtube.) This job is part art, part science. You’ll have to be familiar with how programs such as Google Analytics work, as well as have a solid understanding of consumer behavior. Basically, you not only need to know what a person types into Google when they’re searching for something, but why they are doing so. The “why” helps you to create page content that is relevant to the user’s search. What makes this job great? This role is always in high demand and a good SEO specialist is irreplaceable. You’ll love this job if you love to solve mysteries and enjoy content optimization. The average salary for SEO specialists is $40,686, but strong SEO specialists become SEO managers, which earn a median salary of $59,947 per year.


With power comes responsibility…and less time to do the tasks you used to love to do. Account managers may find that they have to pass the copywriting torch to the intern so they have more time to develop the strategies behind tasks. While these digital marketing jobs won’t be where you start on your first day, they’re something to aspire to a few years into your career.

3. Account Manager

A marketing account manager is a liaison between the client and different members of the marketing team. It’s your responsibility to design a marketing strategy and make sure that your team sticks on task and budget. You’ll need a solid background in marketing principles as well as experience in the field before you can land yourself a job as an account manager. Not sure if this career path is for you? You’ll shine in this role if you love working with people and can handle stressful situations with grace. The median salary of an account manager is $50,761.

4. Digital Marketing Project Manager

A few years as an account manager will set you on the path to becoming a digital marketing project manager. Like most members on the leadership team, digital marketing project managers do a little bit of everything to keep projects running smoothly. Do you have the skillset to be successful in this position? Before you get started you’ll need to have a background in digital marketing as well as project management. People often love this career because every day is different, and each project is more rewarding than the last. Not to mention, the paycheck isn’t that bad at $63,174.

5. Marketing Director

A marketing director is the head of the marketing department, meaning you not only support the marketing team, but clients’ wishes and the company’s interests. This position is challenging because all of those might not line up at the same time. To be successful in this role, you must be an expert at time management and communication. You must work to make your team as profitable as possible while still maintaining the quality of work. This leadership role is what every digital marketer should strive for, whether it’s for the job title or just the strong leadership skills you will possess. A marketing director’s salary varies widely, but is often between $110,000 to $151,000.

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