4 Types of Digital Marketing Career Paths

digital marketing career path

It’s no secret: digital marketing is a rapidly growing career field. But digital marketing doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone in the field. There are actually many different digital marketing career paths to specialize in. If you’re considering a career in digital marketing, learn about the career options that are available to you.

Where Do Digital Marketers Work?

Digital marketing is not a typical profession because it is so universal. Think about it: every company needs to market if they want to succeed as a business. So where do digital marketers work? Everywhere!

You might be interested in working for a digital marketing agency: a company made up of digital marketers who develop and execute marketing plans for their clients. This may involve working with clients across industries, or your digital marketing company may cater to clients in a specific niche. Either way, it involves building an understanding of your clients and their customers, and marketing appropriately.

If a marketing agency isn’t for you, it may be better to market directly for one company. Many businesses have marketing departments within the companies themselves. Getting one of these positions means being directly responsible for that company’s marketing activity, rather than being a third party marketer.

Digital marketing jobs also offer a lot more flexibility than other positions because of the nature of the work. When your job is online, you can access your work anywhere. Many digital marketing professionals spend much (if not all) of their time working remotely from home. And there is no shortage of digital marketing jobs; a quick search on Indeed will show countless local companies looking to hire digital marketers. While this list is ever-changing, at the time of this posting, companies such as Reebok, Legal Seafoods, and Live Nation were looking to hire digital marketers.

Digital Marketing Career Paths

Digital marketing doesn’t only offer flexibility with where you work, but also with the types of work that you can do. There are countless digital marketing tactics out there, and you may choose to specialize in any of them. Some options may include:

Social media. There’s a difference between using social media and marketing with social media. Effective social media marketers are consistently sharing industry insights and engaging with prospects on social platforms. They must have an in-depth understanding of their customers as well as the platforms that their prospects are using.

Search engine optimization. If prospects can’t find a company on search engines, the company may as well not exist. Search engine optimizers specialize in optimizing website content so that it is more easily found on search engines like Google, bringing more customers to the company’s website through organic search.

Copywriting. Customers buy from companies that they trust, and one of the best ways to earn their trust is to produce relevant content for them to read. Copywriters are responsible for creating blogs, web pages, or emails that speak to potential customers.

Account Management. In digital marketing agencies, account managers are responsible for communication with clients. They develop relationships with these clients and handle all questions and requests that clients have for the agency. Often, account managers handle many different clients at once, which requires great organization skills!

This is only a handful of the many different digital marketing career paths you can take. The type of work that you do as a digital marketer will depend on your strengths and the skills that you already have (or are willing to learn). Think about any prior education you have, as well as what you enjoy doing. Is writing a strength? Try your hand at copywriting! Do you have a background in business? Account management might be the way to go. Your unique skills will allow you to follow the career path that’s right for you.

It’s important to know that digital marketing often does not follow a linear career path. As your skills develop, your career will evolve. Digital marketing involves a wide range of tactics, and you’ll find yourself taking on new responsibilities as time goes on.

The Path Begins Here

Every career path must have a beginning. Start yours today by getting your free guide to a career in digital marketing. You’ll learn about the benefits of the career, see what the job market looks like, and learn why so many people are choosing digital marketing.

Career in Digital Marketing

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