3 Ways to Become a Digital Marketing Project Manager

Friday, June 10, 2016
digital marketing project manager

Are you working in industry or business? Are you organized but creative? Do you like to manage your work and others? Do you enjoy strategy and game planning? Are you interested in reviewing data and adjusting your work to meet changes in your strategy? Have you considered expanding your skills in Project Management within the Digital Marketing field?

What is a Digital Marketing Project Manager?

The question you should really be asking yourself is, “what isn’t a digital marketing project manager?” People in this role have a myriad of responsibilities including:

  • Project management: From planning to executing each step of the project, you’ll have your hands full managing your team.
  • Account management: Not only do you have to wrangle your internal team, you also must work directly with the client. Put your excellent communication skills to work.
  • Sales: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and was any website’s redesign. It’s your job to stay on budget and prevent scope creep. While you won’t be directly on the sales front, you will be collecting wishlist of possible features they want to include in Phase 2 of the product (for an added fee, of course.)
  • Strategy: No matter which career route you start with, having a background in strategy or planning will be very useful for project planning.
  • Marketing: Specializing in Digital Marketing as a Project Manager it is your responsibility to deliver and create the game plan for a successful online marketing campaign.

How Can I Become a Digital Marketing Project Manager?

If your goal is to be a Digital Marketing Project Manager, here are three starting points that will get you to your dream career.

Start as a Digital Marketer, Then Take on More Responsibility

A strong background in digital marketing will set you apart from most other project managers. Not only will you be able to strategize your game plan better, but you’ll have a better idea of how to guide the client. Clients often have a general idea of what they want, but require a great deal of guidance to achieve the desired result. Luckily for you, you’ll have knowledge of how to deal with difficult clients as well as how marketing, SEO, and design work together.

Before you put your skills to the test, the first step is to earn a Digital Marketing Certificate. Once you become a digital marketer, slowly take on more responsibility around the office. Taking on extra projects will give you the experience you need to become a project manager.

Become a Developer Then Lead a Project

There’s a lot more to being a developer than typing code all day. In order to be a successful developer, you have to have be a creative problem solver. Each problem you run into is unique, much like the projects you will take on when you become a Digital Marketing Project Manager. Starting off as a developer will give you the technical know-how when it comes to designing the scope. Can this task realistically be done with this budget? What needs to be done during the build, and which features can later be added on?

If you choose to begin your career on the more technical side, you need to brush up on the more human aspects of project management. Many times developers only come in contact with their own team, so you may be great at communicating with others, but only when they understand your lingo. Take the time to learn more about your company’s ideal customer: who they are, what their problems are, and how you can solve them. Besides reading industry and online publications, you can also study up on the marketing concepts behind the project. You already have the knowledge of managing a team, now you need the digital marketing skills to make you a well-rounded project manager.

Begin as a Project Manager Then Specialize

Specializing in a field is rewarding because you’re more passionate about what you do. It also helps you stand out from the crowd of project managers and enjoy a more lucrative salary. Beginning your career as a project manager and then specializing in digital marketing is a smart move. You’ll already have the skills you need to control budgets, timelines, and resources. Project managers are usually the last line of defense when it comes to quality, so you’ll know if the final project encompasses the client’s vision. Adding digital marketing to the mix increases your responsibility by being on the front line with the client and strategizing the next best steps. Sharpen your skills with our Project Management Certificate.

digital marketing project management

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