3 Unique Careers for Psychology Majors

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

If you love the field of psychology, your undergraduate degree can provide you with the skills to excel in many different areas. A Bachelor’s degree in psychology can open doors to many exciting career opportunities. Here are three surprising careers that you can excel at with a background in psychology.

Corporate Manager

Did you know that psychology majors are hugely celebrated in the corporate world because they have a better understanding of organizational behavior? If you’re interested in learning how people’s brains tick, but don’t want to spend a decade or more in school, becoming a corporate manager could be right up your alley. Corporate management typically requires a Bachelor’s degree in psychology or certain other fields. Remember that the corporate world is a hierarchy and that it will take you several years to work your way up to this position. The average salary of a corporate manager is $100,000 and can differ based on location, experience, education, and the industry in which you work.

As a corporate manager, it’s important for your to understand the minds of your team and coworkers. Classes that will help you excel at this position include Psychology of the Workplace and Psychology of Personality. Perks of these classes include learning how to put together the perfect team.

You’d love this career if you’re highly organized, love working in teams, and handle conflict well.

Market Research Analyst

Are you an inquisitive person by nature? Are you detail-oriented and have strong critical thinking skills? Consider becoming a market research analyst. Market research analysts spend most of their days creating studies to collect data and analyze consumer behavior. You’ll help companies decide which markets to enter, predict trends, and determine the most effective forms of advertising. Because this information is highly valuable, market research analysts can be found working in every industry as well as consulting firms. Having a background in psychology will help you create more effective surveys and understand why consumers behave the way they do. The median salary for this profession is $61,290, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts this field will grow by 19% between 2014 and 2024.

Before you start crunching number pertaining to marketing campaigns, you’ll want to learn as much as possible from Motivation and Emotion and Statistics classes. Skills gained in these classes will help you better design surveys and questionnaires you’ll use to collect marketing information.

You’d love this career if you like doing a little detective work.

Public Relations

Earning a Bachelors degree in psychology will better help you understand how people think and interact with others. As a public relations specialist, your job is to make sure the public has a positive view on your client. Daily tasks may include writing press releases, communicating with the press, and monitoring social media posts about your client. Almost every entity requires a public relations specialist, from a private company to a government office. Boston has one of the highest concentrations of public relations specialists in the nation, promising ample job opportunities and a median salary of $64,270.

Part of a public relations specialist’s job is to know how the public will react to different actions your client takes. One class that will prepare you for this task is Social Psychology because it explores the relationships between people and society.

You’d love this career if you’re a gifted writer and love interacting with people.

Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology is the first step towards your dream career. Learn more about CCE at Assumption’s Psychology program today.

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