Associate of Science in Social Sciences


The Associate of Science in Social Sciences degree requires completion of 23 courses/69 credits, with at least 8 courses/24 credits taken at Assumption. It includes the CCE Core, a common core of ten liberal arts courses designed to provide a foundation of knowledge in ethics, writing, theology, philosophy, literature, history, mathematics, natural science, and foreign languages.

CCE Core
(10 courses, 30 credits)
•    English Composition
•    Business Writing OR Professional & Academic Writing
•    The Bible
•    Introduction to Philosophy
•    One Philosophy or Theology elective
•    One Literature course
•    One Survey History course
•    One course in Mathematics (MAT 111E or higher)
•    Two courses chosen from Natural Science and/or Foreign Language

(8 courses, 24 credits within your chosen concentration)
Criminal Justice
General Social Sciences
, including Anthropology, Geography, Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies, and Political Science

General Electives  
(5 courses, 15 credits)
Choose 5 courses from our large and diverse pool of open elective classes.