Bachelor of Arts in Humanities


The Bachelor of Arts in Humanities offers concentrations in English, History, Literature, Philosophy, Theology, and General Humanities. General Humanities include Art, Music, and Foreign Languages. The program easily accommodates students who want to transfer an associate's degree because of the large number of open electives (63 credits) offered. 

The program of study includes the CCE Core which is comprised of ten liberal arts courses designed to provide a foundation of knowledge in ethics, writing, theology, philosophy, literature, history, mathematics, natural science, and foreign languages.

CCE Core
(10 courses, 30 credits)
•    English Composition
•    Business Writing OR Professional & Academic Writing
•    The Bible
•    Introduction to Philosophy
•    One Philosophy or Theology elective
•    One Literature course
•    One survey History course
•    One course in Mathematics (MAT 111E or higher)
•    Two courses chosen from Natural Science and/or Foreign Language

(8 courses, 24 credits)
Take eight courses within one of the following concentrations:
General Humanities (includes Art, Music, and Foreign Languages)

General Electives  
(21 courses, 63 credits)
Can include any desired course and may be replaced by transfer credits from an accredited institution.