Computer Science Classes

CSC111E Computer Applications

The emphasis of this course is on using and evaluating professional business software. Programs in the areas of database management systems, electronic spreadsheets, and graphics are covered using Windows applications in addition to types of operating systems and information uses of small computer systems. Use of a computer outside of class time is required.

CSC112E Advanced Topics in Databases & Spreadsheets

Students are presented with database management and spreadsheet applications and simulations. All major commands and functions are covered, including macros, tables and programming. Prerequisite: CSC 111 or permission of instructor

CSC113E Introduction to Computers

This course presents an overview of computers and their application. Students work on both the Mac and PC microcomputers. Topics include word processing and Internet as well as hardware, software, authoring systems, and multimedia. Use of a computer outside of class time is required.

CSC117E Introduction to Programming

This course is an introduction to the field of computer science and structured programming in C and C++. Topics include basic computer architecture, the algorithmic approach to problem solving, various number systems and logic. The programming language constructs introduced include types of variables, arithmetic operations, input/output, decision statements, loops and functions. Prerequisite: CSC113E or equivalent.

CSC118E Internet

This course allows students to explore the Internet and other online services. Topics include a short history of the Internet and other online services, e-mail, connecting to remote systems, list servers and news feeds, downloading of information, searching techniques, web page creation, and ethics.

CSC119E Presentation Graphics with PowerPoint

This course examines the creation of professional and effective graphical presentations using the computer program of Microsoft’s PowerPoint. The focus is on producing presentations for different types of audiences and includes overheads, handouts, and on-screen presentations. Students explore the different managerial styles, organizational structures, networks, and message flows as they apply to informational skills.

CSC141E Technology in the Classroom

A computer technology course for teachers and administrators, K – 12. Technology has dramatically changed the way students and instructors access information in all areas of learning. In addition to standard internet web sites, the advent of mobile technology, Instant Messaging (IM), blogs, wikis, and social web site such as MySpace and Facebook are changing the way students learn and communicate. Research papers are being created using sites found in Google without any idea of how to verify validity or accuracy. If you’ve ever thought, “my students know more about technology than I do,” or need more technological understanding and skills, this course is for you. The course is useful for teachers and administrators working in early childhood, elementary, middle school, secondary, reading/language arts, social studies/history, math, science, special ed, post-secondary, administration, and research.

CSC170E Creative Publishing with InDesign

Learn to create top-notch flyers, posters, ads, brochures, and other publications for business or personal use. Principals of good design are taught using Adobe InDesign to produce high-quality, attractive publications. Emphasis is on learning to include graphics and documents created in other programs like word processing into your publication without having to recreate them.

CSC175E Databases and Spreadsheets

This course covers the establishment and effective use of a database using Access: design, screen forms and data-entry, queries, updating, linking related tables, report generation, and export/import to other programs. It also presents the design and application of spreadsheets using Excel: formatting, ranges, built-in functions, user defined formulas, array formulas, table-lookups, summaries by pivot tables, graphing, linking, and macros. Some mathematical background is assumed. Prerequisite: CSC 113 or equivalent.

CSC180E Electronic Communications and Multimedia

This course explores communicating with computer-based systems. Students develop web sites using Dreamweaver. Two-dimensional and 3-D graphics principles and use are surveyed using drawing programs, Photoshop, and Infini-D. Students explore digital video use for the web as well as studio applications. Content will include underlying characteristics and principles of electronic communication systems. Students will use both Macintosh and Windows systems. Prerequisite: CSC 113E or equivalent

CSC220E Multimedia Development for the Web

This course explores the use of tools to implement interactive web-based multimedia. Students develop sound, video, and 3D graphics/animation effects with controls. Software includes Shockwave, Macromedia Director, Authorware, 3D Studio Max, After Effects, and Infini-D. Basic Java Script controls are also introduced. Both Windows and Macintosh O/S will be used for development. Prerequisite: CSC180E or equivalent.

CSC315E E-Commerce

This course is an introduction to the world of electronic commerce with a balanced coverage of technical and business topics. Case studies and business examples are analyzed, using both successful and unsuccessful examples. The course considers ways that EC is affecting the business community, and the problems managers face as they adapt to doing business in cyberspace. Prerequisite: CSC113E