Certificate in Medical Assisting

Continuing & Career Education (CCE) at Assumption College is committed to offering the most respected Medical Assisting program in Massachusetts. This intensive, part-time 12-month cohort program provides students with the knowledge, skills, and exposure to be employed in the medical assisting field. It prepares individuals for entry into the medical assisting field not only through formal classroom training, but through externships in many hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices in Massachusetts. As an added benefit, Assumption College CCE has partnered with Reliant Medical Group to train our medical assisting students in Lean practices, which improve industry standards and efficiencies within the workplace. This additional training better prepares students to work in the medical field and offers them an advantage when seeking employment in a healthcare setting.

A focused program of study: Our program was designed to meet industry needs, with the goal of helping students quickly attain a career in the Medical Assisting field.  Following the recommendations of numerous health care industry professionals, we developed a six-course program with an externship that focuses on teaching students the specific knowledge and real-world skills they need to become effective medical assistants in a variety of health care settings.  Because Assumption College students can earn their certificate faster than in other Medical Assisting programs, they are fully prepared to enter the field more quickly, saving time and money.

Close association with industry professionals: We have worked closely with Reliant Medical Group, a large multi-specialty medical practice located throughout Central Massachusetts, and meet monthly with its Medical Assisting management team on curriculum development, program review, and hiring opportunities.  We believe that the feedback has been very positive, and their insights concerning the program have been invaluable.

Beyond the classroom: In addition to intensive classroom training, students gain valuable practical experience through the Medical Assisting Practicum, an externship that can be conducted in a hospital, clinic, or medical office setting. We have secured sites for our externships at several local health care providers, including Reliant Medical Group, UMass Memorial Health Care, and AdCare Hospital, with the goal of developing externship relationships with large employers that could potentially hire our students upon completion.


HCM 110 Medical Assisting Administration (3 credits)
An introduction to the theory, practice, and techniques of medical office management, professional office coordinator responsibilities, use of office equipment, business correspondence, support staff responsibilities and appointment scheduling. The management function of a medical assistant will be emphasized.

HCM 115 Medical Insurance and Billing (3 credits)
This course further develops the skills needed to perform the professional office duties of a medical assistant. Continued emphasis is placed on records management, billing, and computer systems specific to Medical Manager Software.

HCM 125 Medical Terminology (3 credits)
This course will introduce the student to the systems of the body and terminology related to each system. The anatomy of each system, diseases and disorders will be covered. Common medical abbreviations of medications, diagnostic testing, diseases and procedures will be incorporated throughout.

HCM 130 Clinical Medical Assisting (Lab) (3 credits)
An introduction to the theory, practice and techniques of the clinical components of medical assisting. Topics will include aseptic techniques and OSHA regulations, preparation of examination and treatment areas, recording patient needs and vital signs, preparing, assisting and follow up of patients, assisting with minor office surgery, and fundamentals of nutrition.

HCM 215 Electronic Medical Records Management (3 credits)
This course provides the student with the opportunity to put administrative skills learned in previous coursework into practice in a simulated medical setting using electronic health care records and performing electronic office management. The course provides experience with actual office practice duties including payments, claims, patient entries,patient billing statements, production of health care claims and management of electronic health care records.

HCM 250 Clinical Laboratory Procedures (Lab)  (4 credits)
A continuation of Clinical Medical Assisting, with emphasis on the study of hematology tests: capillary puncture, venipuncture, ESR, CBC, ABO, and Rh typing. Students will be introduced to the analysis of blood components using automated equipment. The students will perform various serological tests. Students will be instructed in the basic principles of microbiology, including how to obtain urine and throat cultures and how to perform a Gram stain. In addition, students will perform EKGs, spirometry, and routine urinalysis.

HCM 275 Medical Assisting Practicum (4 credits)
Externship will provide supervised placement in a non-classroom setting at a health-care facility, medical office or other appropriate site. This experience will enable the student to synthesize and apply concepts and skills learned in the Medical Assisting program. This externship experience is to be divided evenly between clinical and administrative areas to permit the student to be involved in the total environment of a health care facility. Our curriculum and coursework will prepare students to sit for the Medical Assisting National Certification exam. It is not required for students to pass the exam to be employed in the field, but students will be encouraged to sit for the exam.