Business Concentrations

Students in the Bachelor of Business Administration degree program have the flexibility to select from the following concentrations. Required courses for each concentration shown.

•    Intermediate Accounting I
•    Intermediate Accounting II
•    Advanced Accounting
•    Cost Accounting
•    Accounting Information Systems
•    Taxes
•    Auditing

Digital Marketing
•    Foundations of Marketing
•    Digital Marketing Strategies
•    Digital Analytics
•    Marketing Research and Analytics
•    Social Media Marketing
•    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
•    Consumer Behavior and Usability
•    Writing and Content Management

Human Resource Management
•    Compensation & Benefits
•    Employee Relations Management
•    Human Resources Management
•    Legal Aspects of Human Resources
•    Talent Management & Acquisition
•    Two business electives

•    Leadership
•    Production/Operations Management
•    Human Resources Management
•    Marketing Management
•    Business Strategy
•    Two business electives

•    Advertising
•    Consumer Marketing Behavior
•    E-Commerce
•    Marketing Management
•    Sales Management
•    Business Strategy
•    One business elective

Designer (Design Your Own)
Students design and propose their own concentration, consisting of seven courses, with guidance of academic counselor and approval of CCE director.