Associate of Science in Business Administration

The Associate of Science in Business Administration degree requires completion of 23 courses/69 credits, with at least 8 courses/24 credits taken at Assumption. The program includes the CCE Core, a common core of ten liberal arts courses designed to provide an ethics based foundation in writing, theology, philosophy, literature, history, mathematics, natural science, and foreign language. The CCE Business Core is also required, consisting of courses in the essential foundations of business administration. Students take two open electives.

CCE Core (courses)
English Composition
Business Writing or Professional & Academic Writing
The Bible
Introduction to Philosophy
One Philosophy or Theology elective
One Literature course
One Survey History course
One course in Mathematics (MAT111E or higher)
Two courses chosen from Natural Science and/or Foreign Language

CCE Business Core (courses)
Introduction to Computers
Introduction to Microeconomics
Introduction to Macroeconomics
Quantitative Methods
Introductory Accounting I
Introductory Accounting II
Business Law
Management & Organizational Behavior
Corporate Finance
Foundations of Marketing

Students choose two open electives